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  • Hey Dave sorry for the delayed response. I guess my buddy wasn’t as serious as he said. Funny how that goes. When I got mine all I heard was you got to find me one...anyway. Good luck on selling it. It’s a ranch. And a good price. Your bound to find a buyer...
    Hey Dave, It’s Dustin from CA. Hope all is well and your having a great 2019. I see you got a ranch for sale. I have a friend who has been after one ever since I got mine. Since it’s still in the box and assuming he is still interested would you be willing to ship to Nevada at his expense?

    How’s the mini Ranch holding up? I am working (slowly) on a smoker setup for mine.
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the offer on the table. Let me know the total and the preferred payment method and I'll get you taken care of.

    Ship to
    Scott Fahey
    W10734 468th Ave
    Prescott, WI 54021

    Dave if your legs are steel use steel rivets this reduce corrosion when you install the rivets add silcone (RTV) under the rivet head this will seal off any gaps in hole size .
    Dave the project in coming along very nice.
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