restored genesis 1-5

  1. TonyS T-Bone

    Restored 1991 Genesis 1

    Picked up for free from an original owner. Wood handles and slats were worn away so I replaced w durawood. Everything else straightforward but I was proud to give as a gift to a young family of first responders as a house warming gift.
  2. Paul Warner

    Genesis 1 find in near mint condition

    All stripped down, cleaned with frame repainted. Awaiting paint for firebox but hope to have finished this week. Never seen a Gen1 in such pristine condition. Grill grates, flav bars and burners barely used. Firebox internal just needed oven cleaner rather than usual sandblasting. Look forward...
  3. Rich G

    Manifold resto

    I know I've read a lot that restoring the manifold is not necessary.....unseen, etc, but I'm endeavoring to do my Genesis 1/2/3K up right/to the nines, so I figured why not? Step 1, I removed the first valve and it cleaned up nicely with my dremel and a variety of brushes. Then I took it...
  4. HeatherHeslin

    Restoring 1985 Genesis 2

    We are about to begin restoring a 1985 Genesis 2. What kind of wood would be most accurate to what was used originally? We’ve been told redwood or cedar. Does anyone know which it is?
  5. MarkSiebel

    1990/93 GENESIS 5000 LP Muave Restoration

    Well.....this is my 1st time acquiring a coveted GENESIS 5000 LP w/ rare Muave color hood. Per date stamps, hood 93' and cook box 90' I'm lead to believe that this grill is a 90' GEN 5 frame with a replacement (maybe a warranty issue) 93' hood. Either way, I'm humbled to as gotten it for FREE...
  6. M

    Weber Genesis 1 Redhead

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great information on this forum and post my first restore. I really love the look of the Genesis 1000's and happened to find this one on offerup right down the street for $10 got it back to the house and started checking it out. Not bad shape, wasn't much...
  7. D

    In progress restoration of '92 Genesis 2

    New to the forum but I thought I would share my story. My wife and I just bought our first home, and as new homeowners one of my first thoughts was, "I really want to buy a Weber grill". I thought about buying the new Spirit ii E-310, but then I started reading about how grills today just aren't...
  8. J

    Grandfathers 1988 Redhead Restored

    I just wanted to say thanks to this website and all the great information. I just finished restoring my Grandfathers 1988 Weber Genesis II. My grandfather purchased this Weber from Costco in 1988 for $350 and still had the original paperwork. He gave the grill to me a few years back when he...
  9. Andy Rue

    Thanks for your help with my Genesis 3 redhead restoration

    I picked up a Genesis 3 a few months back, and the information I gathered from this forum was a huge help in restoring it. I wanted to start my first post with a big thank you to the TVWBB community. So, thank you all, very, VERY much. I learned a lot, and here are my results. Here's the grill...
  10. MarkSiebel

    1986 Weber Gen 3-BLACK *RESTORED*

    Living in sunny/dry AZ I'm very fortunate to come across these VINTAGE 80's Weber Gen LP grills. This 1986 Gen 3 beauty I found on offerup for only $20. Of course, the owner never covered it and did minimal maintenance. Luckily, the grill was solid with no real extreme/rust/structural damage...
  11. G

    Restoration Projects. 1992 Genesis 1 and Late '80's Genesis 2

    I am restoring a couple of old Weber Genesis grills, and a quick Google search for info brought me here. I have three genesis redheads, one is inherited from my father. It was a Christmas present to Dad from Mom in the '80s. I remember helping put it together, and it was the first Weber gas...
  12. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    With the help of a longtime Grillfella I was pointed to a Weber redhead with wide wood slats, which he told me indicated a first generation for Weber. I had zero prior interest in a gas grill but when I heard this was probably Weber's entry into gas grills I got real interested. The grill was at...
  13. EdW

    Renovation Genesis 2 has begun, lots of pics.

    After lurking for a while, (and learning tons) I picked up a Genesis 2 off of CL for $40. I love any thread with pics so I'm going heavy on pics hoping others like that too. Normal grime from use and some rust I didn't initially see. Here are the "before" pics. The lid on this grill was totally...