Restored 1991 Genesis 1


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Picked up for free from an original owner. Wood handles and slats were worn away so I replaced w durawood. Everything else straightforward but I was proud to give as a gift to a young family of first responders as a house warming gift. 8E12D59A-1035-44CE-A503-117C4CF60467.jpeg66EBE5BD-FD0F-43AE-BFFB-C95E54913BE6.jpegCA6F390F-4D8C-4F25-9472-CD9CF7130D30.jpeg44CD781E-2AB9-44F2-B17C-92D75D3E1F5E.jpegDCDAB3AF-30B2-4AB9-A7A7-0F5D9819ECE5.jpeg8DDCB873-2930-42C5-8CE6-8EB550A4F3AA.jpeg0889D8DD-C8D8-4BB3-AAFD-D5FB127F3594.jpeg
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That’s a true beauty! That will be one very fortunate and sounds like deserving recipient family.

I like those early Genesis I grills. That small wire shelf on the right is a cool touch. You’ve combined that charm with the more practical update of using durawood into one really nice grill. Great job! 👏
If you haven’t already? Please be sure to tag this thread into the Restored Grills “sticky.”
I am trying to find those instructions myself! Can you direct me to them?
I actually had one of those frames. IIRC I gave it to someone on the forum. But not sure who. I do know I gave it away though.