Genesis 1 find in near mint condition


Paul Warner

TVWBB Super Fan
All stripped down, cleaned with frame repainted. Awaiting paint for firebox but hope to have finished this week.

Never seen a Gen1 in such pristine condition. Grill grates, flav bars and burners barely used.

Firebox internal just needed oven cleaner rather than usual sandblasting. Look forward to sharing the finished project with you guys.



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Previous owner advised that the flame check still works, will install and run it up! Hope it does as love it when one retains all original parts and features even if in this case it’s a pain in the butt!9D844E1B-F928-49CB-A2E5-090E19790184.jpeg
i am looking for a cover for the Genesis 1. an original would be nice or a current weber cover that fits well
would be plan b. original covers were 9825 vinyl or 9835 deluxe. any advice most welcome, thanks
I am pretty sure they don't make those original covers any longer but probably still make Weber covers that will fit your grill. I would not rule out aftermarket covers either.
Finished refurb, stripped and sprayed frame and fire box. Only changed the igniter and thermometer. old meets new with a set of Weber crafted SS grates (technically incorrect, grates SS but crafted frame plated) Very pleased with outcome and flame check works (so far) some photos to enjoy, have a great weekend all!! IMG_1973.JPGIMG_1979.JPGIMG_1976.JPGIMG_1972.JPGIMG_1971.JPGIMG_1969.JPGIMG_1977.JPGIMG_1981.JPGIMG_1983.JPGIMG_1978.JPGIMG_1961.JPGIMG_1983.JPGIMG_1958.JPG
Wow, that is nice. I love the originality of it.
What kind of paint did you use on the end caps and cook box?
Wow, that is nice. I love the originality of it.
What kind of paint did you use on the end caps and cook box?

In the UK on Ebay. It was recommended to me by another enthusiast. Its the only one ive used that is actually
black rather than dull matte grey! Thanks btw, it was in great condition to start with so nothing too dramatic required.
I love it!
That is a really nice grill! I don't care that it was already in good shape, you've really done some nice work there, I hope you enjoy it!
Are you just routering out the main grab bar? How did you measure/cut that?
Do you mean the handle on the lid? That grill came with that handle already. They can be made however


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