Pizza Party, my party dudes


Michael Richards

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This is what my niece keep saying all day looking forward to pizza night. This was a make up for the one she missed two weeks ago.
Getting set up.

Half the 8 pies where just simple cheese.

Two were pep.

One pep and sausage

And one just sausage (I ate that whole pie it was topped with Mike's hot honey)

This was the kettle after the eighth and final pizza it stayed there the whole cook. I love the Weber Kettle, it can do just about anything this cook can think of.

Two of those cheese pies were for my son who was at a friend's house. He just got home, heated both pies up and this is him with his plate.

Ed P

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Party hearty! Party on, fellow pizza dudes!


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Lookin good! If I may ask, what are your dough balls weights and cooked pizza diameters? Just curious.


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lowest price i've ever seen on this 10-pack, today! $2.85 Caputo 00 chef's red bag 1Kg bag in a 10-pack. was $3.50 and prior to that $2.99 was best per bag price i've found n a few years.

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That is a great price, I thought I did good getting a 5 lbs bag of the blue for $15 from Amazon.
Red Chef's 00 is my goto. 3-5 day ferments with zero issues. yeah, this price is quite inexpensive. i'll use it for sure. i'm about to play with some Blue bag. never used it so it'll be interesting.