Performer Taking Forever To Cool Down


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So used the new performer yesterday for the 2nd time for some Spatchcock chicken via the Slow N Sear. Anyways, turned out great and all, but once I was done and closed the top and bottom vents the bbq took about 8 hours to cool. 6 hours later it was still at 250d. Any tips to get this cooled off much faster? Is there something I am missing?

Dave Mazz

Air is getting in somewhere. Check the fit of the lid to the kettle. If there are any gaps that may be the cause. Also, check the vents for tension. If they are too loose, too much air may be getting through. Both of my Performers are usually cool to the touch after a hour or two.


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I honestly can't find anything. Checked all that. I mean it is new, so maybe the lid needs more "gunk" around the edges.... the top vent is tight. The bottom vent is relatively loose, but not anything out of the ordinary. Can't figure this one out.

Rich Dahl

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When I had my silver kettle and my performer the kettle always cooled down faster than the performer, I guess because the kettle got more air flow around it. But not six hours for the performer, more like two hours or so.
If all the coals are burned you must have an air leak somewhere.

KE Quist

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For sure some air is getting in somewhere. It may be a combo of a few things, one being it needs to get more gunked up. When mine was new, it took a little while to cool down. Now not so much, typically by the time we eat the meal and cleanup, it's ready to put the cover back on.


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Ya that is what I am looking for as I don't have a covered area outside. So, I either have to play weather man games or figure this out. I couldn't believe that the WSM only took about an hour to go down to cold and the Performer was still at 250d after 6 hours.

I guess the best way to check is maybe to burn some fresh unseasoned wood and watch where the smoke comes out? Or are there better ways to check for all the air leaks?

For sure some air is getting in somewhere. It may be a combo of a few things, one being it needs to get more gunked up. When mine was new, it took a little while to cool down. Now not so much, typically by the time we eat the meal and cleanup, it's ready to put the cover back on.

Kyle in Woodstock

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Wow, I've never had a Performer take that long to cool down!

If you are cooling it down so you can put the cover on it...I suppose you could try lifting the SnS out of the grill (with BBQ gloves) and placing it in your WSM to snuff out the coals.

I'd probably just move around the Performer, see if the location you have it in is getting big gusts of wind, and turn it away from the wind.
Brand new. 2nd cook.
Make sure that this Weber Performer is Registered with and inform them of this problem. Also, Contact the Seller where you bought-it regarding this problem requesting his/her assistance in making you a satisfied Weber Customer.

I bought my new Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD) last January and always clean the WPD the next day to guarantee that I am not dumping partially-lit charcoal
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Ok, so I contacted Weber and reported the issue. Will see what they say. I always register my grills with them and customer service so far has been excellent.


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What type of charcoal? Reason I ask is years ago I bought some Kingsford Competition Briqs.
That stuff was great but it burned all nite till it was gone. Any other brand I could shut down and save the leftovers but not that one.


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I would suspect the ash swiper on the bottom. It has to be letting enough air in to let it smolder.


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Examined the bbq closely today.

I mean there is a small outline gap around the burner tube. There is a slight gap between the top vent and the kettle. But both are very slight. Doesn’t appear to be a gap between any of the bottom vent blades and the inside of the kettle.

Lid and kettle appear to be flush all around.

Still stumped.


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You might try a stick on lid seal. I put one on my Performer Deluxe and it cools off in about an hour after I shut it down. It also helps to hold more steady temps on the long cooks. I got a roll of seal long enough to do 2 of my kettles for $12 on Amazon..


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So this is the first disappointing response from Weber Customer Service.... they totally did not understand my email question to them... here is my email and their response.


Hi, I am having an unexpected issue with my new Weber Performer Deluxe.

After my 1st cook, I closed down both vents (top and bottom) and expected the bbq to cool down in a typical 1-2 hours. However, 6 hours later, the bbq was still at 250d and took at least 9-10 hours to cool down before I was able to cover it. I am a fairly veteran bbqer and this was very unexpected. I have talked to other bbqers and WPD owners and they say there has to be an air leak or multiple air leaks. The problem is, I don't have a covered area outdoors and like to cover my bbq to avoid condensation at night and it getting wet regularly either via condensation or rain. If it takes this long to cool down, I have a major problem as I like to mostly cook late afternoon or early evening for dinner.

What should I do? What can I do to help correct the issue or proceed?



Thank you for reaching out to Weber. I am sorry to hear that regarding your grill but I will be happy to help you out with this. Allow me to suggest using the top dampers to control the temperature. Avoid opening the bottom dampers even when cooking. Keeping those closed at all times should help the temperature go back down normally and also use less charcoal. Cleaning the grill regularly to also help with temperature set going down. I also went ahead and placed an order for a new thermometer for you.