Nobody Using Q Grills?



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I was going to suggest roasting the potatoes in the rendered duck fat, but I see you're well underway.
Prepping the duck the night before I tossed the fatty cutoffs into fry pan and cooked them off for the neighbors dog. Seeing the duck fat that rendered out we decided to combine with an equal amount of lard and oven roasted some Yukon Gold potatoes. Tasty.

Any of you from Chicago area, and if so did you ever go to Hot Doug's when they were in operation? If I remember correctly on Fridays they would offer french fries using duck fat....I can only imagine.


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And about the duck.

It was good, and not bad for my first attempt of a duck. I've eaten duck many times, but never attempted the cook at home.

This year I've come to trust Aldi's packaged meats. Their ground lamb is good quality, the duck too.

Could have probably used a bit more time on the heat, I brought it up to about 168 degrees internal.

I'll do it again, probably spinning it on the Q200x with the rotisserie I should be testing out more thoroughly.


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Wife was on 2 Chicago womens softball leagues back in the day. She played at Horner Park right close by there. But we never ate there