Nobody Using Q Grills?

Great screened porch Joe!
Thanks. The last porch we built was 20x20 with a high ceiling. Tons of room. This one is 1/2 the size at 10x20. I miss the extra depth. The nice thing is this is right on the other side of the kitchen so less travel time.
We use our 13 year old BabyQ at least three times a week. It was a 10 year employment anniversary gift from work. At first, it was just used for travel, but, was put into full time service when our big box grill at the time rusted through. I give it a light cleaning twice a year, and do a complete teardown every two years. Nothing has had to be replaced on it, yet, although the cast iron grate is starting to show it's age, as is the folding cart. It sits on our patio, uncovered, year round. I was looking for a cheap used second Q, when I found the old Genesis I started working on today. The Genesis is going to become the patio grill, and the BabyQ will be deep cleaned, and put back into travel service.


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I picked up an Aldi's frozen duck this past week, it spent a couple of days defrosting and yesterday I scalded it, salt and peppe dusting, then a salt/lemon zest/garlic/garam masala/thyme/rosemary rub, some sprigs of thyme and rosemary in the cavity. By the time it goes on the grill (Q300x) it'll have sat uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours drying the surface area.

Using the Q so I don't have a possible monumental grease spatter in the oven.

Pics maybe later, if I remember to shoot some.

My Q200(0?) is on a shelf in the garage, probably for the winter. Full clean and service on it last week.
Back when my grandparents were still with us my wife and I would bring our large Weber kettle over (I also had the Weber rotisserie set for it) and we would spin a duck for them and I would baste it with an orange and brandy concoction I would make. My grandpa would sit back after that meal and say O' Mangato Bene' (I have eaten well).