Nobody Using Q Grills?


Bob H.

TVWBB Hall of Fame
They a such great little grills.
Love the Q1200 to use at home
or to take with just about anywhere......
I’ve got 2 that I rebuilt this year and never used.

I used them in the past when traveling and enjoyed them. My kids are now more interested in restaurants when traveling.

My 3 burner Spirit is fuel efficient and low maintenance so no real need for the q at home either.
Love my 320, haven’t had. A chance to try out the 2200 though. When I bought it I figured we could BBQ at parks or the beach or something but we always end up picking a spot to eat as part of the destination.
I don't recall which Q model I have, but it is the lowest cost, single burner around the inside and a big mistake (to me). No real problem with the grill, but I think getting the single burner was wrong for us. (It is primarily for my wife -- no meat products including cheese ever cooked on it due to her alpha-gal allergy -- and it gets used quite often).

I'd like to hear from any who disagree, but with one burner there is no real "medium" -- it just gets too hot for many things and must be watched carefully with everything. I've employed several "tricks" to work with it including a second upper grate and shielding part of the grate with foil, but it is still awkward. It works well for what it is, but I recommend any multiple burner Q instead.

As an example, my sister, an experienced Weber Performer charcoal griller, helped prepare a meal the other day. Despite being warned and shown the potential problem, she literally burnt everything she prepared.
I have Q's 1000 and 1200 for picnic and tailgate work. I don't use them much at home because I have 6 other full size patio cookers. I found that when the Q's are new, they burn pretty hot. Not a problem as you just turn down the heat. As they get older the power of the flame subsides a bit, even when you keep the burn tube and gas vent very clean. The solution to the reduced heat problem is to just slightly open the jet on the regulator. And I mean very, very slightly. Like 1/64th of inch. This will make the flame output stronger. If you open more than that, it will become dangerously hot and the flame will be blown out by the gas output. This is a mod that must be very carefully done if you want to keep your moustache and eyelashes!
Maintain the grill and it will always burn as hot as new. Modding to make up for lack of maint is not a good idea
Use my 1200 all the time at home and in the road. During the hot weather this summer used it for breakfast and dinner! Use the rotisserie on it at least once a week. 82C53D69-3455-4805-AF2F-5907F6FB240A.jpeg

I use mine for tailgating, mainly. Sometimes, like yesterday, when it's rainy, I'll use it on the screened in porch.