New for 2017: Weber Genesis II Gas Grills


Chris Allingham

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For 2017, Weber greatly expands the Genesis lineup. The new Genesis II features a series of 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-burner grills in propane and LP that come in a variety of colors, including stainless steel, and in basic and upgraded LX versions.

Weber brings back an open cabinet design on basic models–a design they discontinued in 2003/2004 in favor of enclosed storage cabinets with doors–with the usual porcelain coated cooking grates and Flavorizer bars. All grills appear to have an “iGrill Ready” work surface for use with the recently acquired iGrill remote thermometer. This seems to consist of an iGrill holder on the right side of the grill and holes to feed the probes into the firebox.

An upgraded LX option is available that provides the enclosed cabinet along with other features including side burner, stainless steel rod cooking grates, stainless steel Flavorizer bars, electronic LP tank meter, handle lights and front-mounted tool hooks.

Lids appear shorter in these photos than on current grills. Not sure if that’s real or just something having to do with the photography. It will be interesting to measure the dimensions to see how much headroom, if any, has been lost inside the grill.

2017 marks the return of a 2-burner grill to the Genesis lineup. The last 2-burner Genesis was the Genesis Silver A in 2006 which gave way to the Spirit E-210 in 2007. It will be interesting to see how this new grill is received by consumers vs. the Spirit 2-burner.

All these grills feature the “Weber GS4 High Performance” logo located on the upper left corner of the front control panel. Weber GS4 High Performance is a new trademark registered in March 2016 that apparently refers to newly designed high performance burners.

MSRP for basic grills are said to be:

  • 6 burner $1,299
  • 4 burner $949
  • 3 burner $849
  • 2 burner $499
Top of the line E-640 6-burner grill in LX configuration is said to have an MSRP of $1,999. It has an enclosed, brushed S/S cabinet with flush-mounted side burner, S/S Flavorizer bars, S/S rod cooking grates, and sear burners.

The E-610 6-burner (non-LX version) is said to have an MSRP of $1,299. It has porcelain enameled Flavorizer bars and cooking grates.

Rotisseries will be available; they will be adjustable to fit the various model sizes.

The new Genesis II gas grill should start shipping in late November.

P.S. There are rumors that the Summit line is up for redesign next.


An Ace Hardware retail store employee attending the Ace Hardware convention in Chicago last August took these photos of new Weber Genesis II gas grills for 2017 and shared them exclusively with TVWBB:


This appears to be a 6-burner grill in black finish with open cabinet. Note the integrated tool hook on the end of the work surface.


I've zoomed this same photo to show detail of the grates...looks like a CI searing grate in the middle...note the warming racks above the grate...lid hinged toward the back.


Here's a 4-burner in copper with open cabinet. You can barely see the integrated tool hooks on the end of the work surface under the papers. On the LX models, the tool hooks are at the front edge of the work surface. Note the new thermometer bezel, similar to the one on the recently introduced Summit charcoal grill.


I've zoomed in on the wrap-around enclosure for the propane tank...give a clean look when the grill is viewed head-on.


Here's a zoomed in view of the "iGrill Ready" work table, the new knob design, and the retro slats under the grill. It's not clear where the "iGrill Ready" doo-dad is located on the LX models. You can also see a pull-tab for the grease tray under the firebox.


Here are stock photos of some of the new Weber Genesis II gas grills:






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Yes, lots of questions!

Do you have the dimensions of the respective sizes?

Which ones have an enclosed cabinet?

What is gs4 and I grill 3?


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The pricing is very helpful, but do you know the prices of the Lx vs non-LX? Are the enclosed cabinets only in all stainless?

if this increased pricing is correct for the base genny, it's making it a bit of a no brainer to go forward with purchasing an enclosed current model genny on discount.


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Wow, $700 premium for stainless and an enclosure? You can buy a current genny for that much. Looks like I'll be buying a current style.

Bob Ivey

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Will be interesting when those start showing up on Craigslist. In a few years I might even be able to afford one. My 29 year old Genesis will still be going strong and will still be happy with it. They look cool but to quote my late business partner, they are VERY proud of that product.


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It seems the Summit line may go away. Unless they're going to actually bring a Summit line out worthy of the pricing. I.e. 304 Stainless not just for pretty but where it "counts" so they don't turn into rust buckets and properly spaced cooking grids. Right now? Just count me as SMH

Rich Dahl

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With those prices I can see the next generation of Genesis restores will be the E/W 300s, around here they're cheaper than the 1000 series grills and silver Bs now.

Pat G

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My 29 year old Genesis will still be going strong and will still be happy with it.

Yep. My Genesis Gold B is only a few months old, since I rehabbed it. Actually 12 or 13 years old. Planning on it going strong for quite a few years.

Greg M

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I do like that they are offering a non enclosed bottom model again. After restoring a couple of old genesis models I much prefer that design.

I also hope the body is all cast aluminum. I've read on here that a lot of the summit models aren't and are prone to rusting through.

Chris Allingham

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I did a write-up on this for The Virtual Weber Gas Grill:

As I wrote at the close, I'm concerned there may be too many confusing choices for consumers...all these grills overlap with grills in the Spirit and Summit lines. Communicating differences between model lineups becomes very important. Sometimes more choices is not a good thing...from 4 Genesis choices to 8 Genesis choices...excluding color choice on porcelain lid models...consumers get confused...dealers don't know which grills to stock. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it shakes out.


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Any dimensions? Would be curious to know the main cooking area of the 3 and 4 burner models plus whether the internal height shrunk or not. I need all the space I can for the thanksgiving turkey.


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Wow, Weber pricing is out of control starting with the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. Quality is not as good as 5 years ago. I am a big Weber fan but i was not born last night, i really hope Weber wakes up quick.


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I am questioning putting 4 and 6 burner grills and calling them Genesis which was typically Summit territory. Another thing I don't see on these Genesis models is any kind of rotisserie burner setup. To me HUGE mistake because these grills are already into the lofty territory price wise of current Summit lines WITH things like rotisserie and smoke burners. Frankly I think Weber is beginning to "come off the rails" and trade on name and past reputation more than on putting out a true quality product with quality support which is what made their "core" value in the first place. It seems like they are slipping into the mold of making patio ornaments more than quality cooking products that people value for performance and versatility more than shiny knobs and large numbers of BTU and burners

Stephen R

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Hi LM,
if the new Genesis models have a full cast AL fire box,particularly the 6 burner, that has to be a good thing, does it not? If they are to retain a Summit line then the Summits can have the Roti burner, the Smoker burner and the Sear burner, (and looking at the the new Genesis photos), the Summits might have a higher lid, and (I wish) a full proper SS frame for a point of difference.
The market will determine if the new price points work or not.
In the meantime we can keep cooking on, and keep restoring, the old models.....


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I think you're missing my point Stephen. This new line of Genesis is surpassing the pricing of current Summit series (which are arguably much better equipped and far more versatile. And a $2500 charcoal grill?! Really? Sure the very rich will be able to swing these products. Genesis should have been left as the mid-priced line with mid-level features (only get back to making them "better" as they used to. Save the severe austerity measures for entry level product i.e. Spirit line. I am not sure what other products are available to you in your part of the world but I can only imagine if these new Genesis models are going into the lofty pricing strategies what they'll end up costing there once import and tax fees are added in. I know my good friend (brother from another mother) in England brought back a Genesis C (IIRC) to England as that (at the time) $500 grill would have been the equivalent of $1800 if he purchased it in England. But, I digress. Weber is now "trading" on past value and a name that IMO is not standing for the same level of quality and value it once did. So yeah definitely restoring the old stuff is the way to go. Until of course (like with my Summit) they decide to "no longer support the product" even to the point of abandoning current owners during their warranty period. Believe me I am a fan of the product (just made a beautiful filet mignon last night on my Summit) but I am not a fan of the latest generation(s) of the products due to the "cheapening" and cost cutting. Even down to that aluminum fire box. Compare the new ones to the old. The new firebox is substantially lighter and thinner than the old. So will it actually hold up like the old products did/have over the course of many years such as my 25 yo Genesis? I don't think so. Yeah I paid nearly $500 for that unit way back in the early 90's and it was a closeout of the "old" style which was superseded by the x000 series. I'm seeing Weber reverting to the theory of the old GM planned obsolescence model. It makes me sad :(

Rich Dahl

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Makes me wonder if the spirit line will go away with the two burner Genesis in the line up. I would assume at that price point there is probably more profit margin in the genesis two burner and three burner. Plus the cost of manufacturing and supporting two entry level two burners.
Also maybe the problem plagued Summits will be upgraded to a higher quality, if they can justify a $2500 charcoal grill a $4-5000 Gasser wouldn't be unreasonable for a good upper end top of the line grill with all the bells and whistles.
Time will tell.