How about some good news?


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The next 3 days here in Oklahoma are going to be 80/88/70. Both wife and I are working from home, so maybe we'll get the convertible out for a nice ride up old Route 66. That usually is a nice escape.

Phil Perrin

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The boss interviewed a driver yesterday and offered him a job!
So, after I train him properly, I get to go back to being a customer service rep.
We're not traveling around right now, but after this is over, I'll be back to tearing up the highways and byways!

Timothy F. Lewis

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That should be fine, just be the only one there and you’re about as distant as one can be! I wish I knew someon tanning out some cherry right now but, I don’t have a pickup available! So, this is all just fine, I need to use up some of the stuff in the garage anyway. That will help when I get to the spring cleaning out there. That’s a good way for my wife to keep socially distant. She does not like to be around when I do that particular task. She will be working from home so, while she is “at work” I will start that project this week! Dang, I thought I could be a slacker but, it seems I will have to be a productive member of my household, just as she is! Of course, I will go to the store in the morning for booze!

Rusty James

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As all of this is unfolding, the earth is able to take a deep breath, and get a little cleaner..
It is refreshing to see the stores nice and clean. Even Walmart looks cleaner. No doubt, folks will be mindful of proper hand washing in the future.

J Grotz

I just opened Bing news and clicked on U.S. news to see if there were any "good news" stories. I scrolled through a list of well over 100 stories and found two. Perhaps not "good news," but more "what-used-to-be-normal-not-really-bad-news."

Topless woman arrested after crashing into semi-truck in Dallas police chase. "There is no word on why police were chasing her in the first place." Maybe because she was driving topless?

Man arrested after police chase claims he was teaching dog to drive. No, it wasn't Bill Murray. No word on whether or not the pit bull was driving angry.

Phil Perrin

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Here's some good news.
They do a monthly wellness challenge at work and last month's was a 2 parter and easy.
We had to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night except for 2, when we were to get less than 7 hours. This was to show the importance of a good nights sleep.
I actually did it, much to Pammi's dismay, by staying up late on a couple Saturday nights and got up at regular time on Sunday.
Yes, it called for naps!
And the good news is that I was one of the winners!
We had a choice of a gardening kit, a cold roller ball(whatever that is), a wi-fi scale(WT...), a weighted blanket and an air fryer!
I'm getting the air fryer.
Not sure when it's gonna get here, but I'll post some picks of my first cook!

Phil Perrin

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More good news!
The guy who the company wanted to hire as a truck driver so my old behind can STOP driving the truck has accepted the job!
There is a downside to it though.
He doesn't start until the 14th. :LOL: :ROFLMAO: :mad:

Brad Olson

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Yesterday my daughter told me that they're taking down their apple tree. Social distancing or no social distancing, I'll be heading over there with the truck. ;)
Some of it's definitely bigger than I can use but I also see a lot of pieces that'll load nicely into the WSM!


Brad Olson

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Thanks! According to the SIL the older wood to the right is mulberry that was cut about a year ago, so after searching here it sounds like it'll be worth a try as well.

Bob Correll

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Good news I guess is that's it's 88 F here right now, too warm too fast for me.
Back to high's in the 50's by Thursday.
A couple of chops and a CI skillet of red potatoes about to go on the Performer over K-Pro.