How about some good news?

Phil Perrin

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This is more mixed news than good news, but here goes.
The driver who was doing my old route found out that his license was suspended and it's going to take a while to get it straight.
Can't drive a truck if your license is all jacked up.
Thinking at the time that he'd get his license straight in a few days, I mentioned to my boss that I still have my CDL and haz-mat endorsement.
Silly me, 2 1/2 weeks later, I'm still in the stinking truck!
Like I told him last week, there were several people, my self included, that weren't sure if I could still sling batteries for a living.
Well, I can!
I'm sore as crazy at night, but I can still do it!


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We could use some good news!

I saw some Sriracha Mayo @ Restaurant Depot today and I almost bit - but then I realized I already have the ingredients

Timothy F. Lewis

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Reasonably good news, my kitchen remodel is getting closer to complete, still need to paint the ceiling, install new lights, order the countertop, and install the molding, scrub the floor.
Gee that doesn’t look like it’s as close as I’d thought, maybe not such good news, darn it!

Brad Olson

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How about some good news related to the outbreak?

I'm sure there are many stories like these and even more that will never be reported. Kudos to those who're trying to help; no effort or gesture is too small.

I've eaten ate Dave Heide's restaurants. He can flat-out cook.

Leopold Elementary serves an area that features a lot of rental housing and lower-income families, some of which I'm sure already rely on some form of public assistance. For some students the school lunch they get - and won't be getting while school is out - is their best meal of the day.

Forgive me for getting on the soapbox but we can make our own good news, too, when we can swing it. Making an extra donation or 2 to a local food pantry; around here some grocery stores have prepackaged bags of essentials in the $5-10 range and they make it really easy to help. Tipping based on table service when getting takeout/curbside food. Leaving a little more than usual under the TV remote when checking out of a hotel. Things like that.

Preach mode off, going back to being my regular annoying self now.;)

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Sunshine has been pretty rare/normal around here, spotty at best. A little snow Sunday night butshpuld be mid fifties tomorrow, then less “enjoyable” by the weekend.
I got gas for under $1.50 at Costco last Saturday.
“Bright side”? I had to pull a butt out of the freezer to put some things SWMBO said she wanted when we were at Costco, it’s always better (and cheaper) if I go alone!
Wedded bliss at apogee!
Very happy to hear you are improving Chris!
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