Hello from Eugene, Oregon! Home of the Oregon Ducks!


Mary Teal

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Hi! My name is Mary.
I'm so happy to have found this site and accepted to be a member!
I stayed awake last night till 2am reading the forums on all the rehab projects members are doing/done. What beauties have come back to life!
I was recently given 2 ( yes,you read that right, two!) Weber Genesis Silver C both with a born on date of 2001 ( with the side burners!) both complete, but both in pretty sad shape to the naked eye, but both carts in excellent shape. Both were left outside in the elements to rot, but both seem to be rust free. One is a LP and the other is a NG.
I have decided to rehab the LP, and hopefully use some parts from the NG, if possible to save some money on parts needed.
I am also willing to trade parts to anyone who needs parts to complete their projects.
Hello Mary!
Welcome home! We've been expecting you :D
i bought an old Chevy pickup from a dealer in Eugene.
or maybe it was in Jerome...
don't matter, I've burnt the midnight oil also before I signed up too

yeah it was in Idaho...
musta been thru Eugene for something tho'
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Welcome to the site Mary, good to have another member from Oregon, post pictures of the grill when you can.
Welcome Mary !

How 'bout that Mariota kid !
I listened to the MSU game up in the Deschutes Canyon....they never lose when I'm up there.
They had me worried at half time, though !
Welcome on Board, Mary! There is plenty to learn here - lots of helpful advice and inspiration.
Please, just take it easy on me if the Ducks happen to beat the Beavs in the Civil War this year :)