1. BenM

    Ignition Issue with Weber Performer

    8/5/23 Good morning all. I bought a [used] Performer, and I am having trouble with the propane ignition. I attached brand-new propane tank, cleared the kettle of any used coals, debris, ash, etc. I clicked the ignition switch several times, but it does not light. I smell the gas, but nothing...
  2. Bruce

    HOW TO: Weber Q1xx and Q2xx Regulator Delete

    WHAT: This is a How To on bypassing (replacing) the regulator on a Q grill for use on a bulk propane tank. WHY: The regulators on Weber Q grills are notorious for dying, making noises, malfunctioning and other problems. Replacement regulators typically cost $50 or more for a new one. This is...
  3. Jon K

    SOLD Complete Propane Manifold Assembly, Genesis 310 NO Side Burner 2008 To 2010 $60

    My loss is your gain! I ordered the wrong part of my Genesis rebuild and by the time I realized, it was too late to return the incorrect part. This is a complete propane manifold assembly. Fits Genesis 310 with NO sideburner, years 2008-2010. Includes all three main burner valves mounted to the...
  4. J

    Weber Genesis 1000 (?) Propane Grill in Southern California ($50)

    Weber Genesis 1000 (?) Propane Grill in Southern California ($25) I have a Weber Genesis BBQ grill for sale. I think this a 1000 series, but not positive. It has been in my family since we bought it 20+ years ago. The knob of the middle burner has seized and BBQ needs to be cleaned. Otherwise...
  5. C

    FS-Weber Summit E-670 Black LP Gas Grill

    SOLD: FS-Weber Summit E-670 Black LP Gas Grill Thanks everyone... I have a 3 yr old Weber Summit E-670 Black LP Gas Grill. I am switching to NG from propane and will be selling it. ABT and Home Depot carry this grill for $2,499, new. I am selling this one for $1,200 OBO. Let me know if you are...
  6. M

    Hello from Eugene, Oregon! Home of the Oregon Ducks!

    Hi! My name is Mary. I'm so happy to have found this site and accepted to be a member! I stayed awake last night till 2am reading the forums on all the rehab projects members are doing/done. What beauties have come back to life! I was recently given 2 ( yes,you read that right, two!) Weber...
  7. J

    My first restore - an Ol' Redhead Genesis 3 from the 80's

    The Weber forums have been an excellent way for me to learn about grills. I was just looking to replace my crappy CharBroil because I really didn't know or think there was much to a grill. Heck, I was still saying that I BBQ'd.. even though it was all NG or LP, see I'm already learning. Once I...
  8. A

    help with regulator piece (on weber q200)

    Hi (cross posting this from yahoo answers) I'm having a problem connecting a propane tank to my grill (Weber Q200). Basically, I inherited the grill from a friend, who used to connect small camping propane canisters to it. I began using it the same way as him, and one day, while I was...