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  1. J

    Side burner for Weber Summit S-460 Liquid Propane

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I originally purchased a Weber Genesis 335 w/ a side burner for my terrace. Long story short, Weber mistakenly delivered a built-in summit S460. Now I'm of course happy for the free upgrade, and Weber has confirmed that they will not...
  2. Loc

    Sideburner Valve Broken- Need replacement

    I broke the collar on the sideburner valve on my Genesis (model #2260000/part #3290001). This valve assembly is evidently discontinued. Other posts in this forum suggest locating an old grill and cannibalize the part. I’ve done that. However, the donor grill can still be restored, just needs...
  3. B

    Anyone looking for some projects in the Bay Area?

    I am grill heavy and time short right now. I have these 3 grills left that I didn’t get around to restoring, and I could use the space more right about now. Anybody interested? All offers will be taking into consideration.
  4. Joe Anshien

    Another "help me identify this grill" thread.

    I guess it would be nice if there was a listing with pictures of grills and models... but my wife and I just picked this guy up for free. The owner says it is 20 years old and it has a deep box and side burner. Definitely the oldest Weber I have picked up yet. I will need to order parts. Any...
  5. R

    Genesis II x-435 side burner

    I just got a new Genesis II SP-435, which seems to be a UK-only hybrid (other terms may be more apt) between the S-435 and the E-435 models supplied in the USA, in that it has the stainless steel trims of the S-435 and the enamelled grate of the E-435. No stainless steel grates here! :(...
  6. D

    E-330 side burner quick connect

    Has anyone had an issue with getting the quick connect to "click" into place? I have assembled hundreds of these types of accessories over the years as an assembler and never had an issue. Sure as heck I buy one and put it together and I cannot get it to connect. I have tried off and on over...
  7. MarkSiebel

    Wanted to Buy: Genesis 2000 OR 3000 working side burner

    Wanted to Buy: Genesis 2000 OR 3000 working side burner. If you have one, please contact me!! thx..Mark
  8. MarkSiebel

    Wanted to Buy: Genesis 2000 OR 3000 working side burner

    Wanted to Buy: Genesis 2000 OR 3000 working side burner. If you have one, please contact me!! thx..Mark
  9. I

    Summit Burner swap to Genesis

    Does anybody know if the side burner off of a Summit Gold B6 would fit and function if swapped on one of the Genesis I-V models? If so, is it relatively easy to do and what would be required as far as parts and work/process goes? For example: This Burner: On this type of Genesis:
  10. L

    Newer Genesis Side Burner into Genesis 2000

    Howdy - I'm slowly restoring a Genesis 2000 that I picked up a couple of months ago. Love the grill and thankful for all the restoration advice on the forums. Today on Craigslist someone posted a "Weber Genesis Side Burner and Side Shelf" for 25 dollars. Picture: Any chance I can drop that...
  11. M

    Hello from Eugene, Oregon! Home of the Oregon Ducks!

    Hi! My name is Mary. I'm so happy to have found this site and accepted to be a member! I stayed awake last night till 2am reading the forums on all the rehab projects members are doing/done. What beauties have come back to life! I was recently given 2 ( yes,you read that right, two!) Weber...
  12. B

    CL Find: VERY Clean Genesis 5000

    Picked this 1995 Genesis 5000 LP up the other night, and boy was I suprised how clean it was. I've never seen this color; a soft gray with maroon pinstriping. It still has the porcelain "serving tray" painted to match the hood, glass door, and enclosed bottom. He even put new SS flav bars and...