Happy Birthday to George Stephen!

Chris Allingham

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Updated 2/26/20
Happy Birthday to George Stephen, inventor of the Weber kettle grill. He passed away in 1993 and would be 99 years old today.

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Timothy F. Lewis

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I’m not sure I am quite elegant enough to grill in tails. Dinner jacket? Sure but, tails is one piece of sartorial splendor I am afraid I do not own.
Today, I’d rather be grilling than stripping wallpaper!

KE Quist

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Thank you Mr. Stephen! You made mine and my family's lives better. (and neighbors, and friends) (and a good amount of strangers)

Jon Tofte

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A true pioneer. I wish he was still at the helm:coolkettle:!

I always wonder if the story about him tinkering with his first cut-open buoy kettle is truth or just legend. They say he was trying to get it to work but the fire kept going out. A neighbor supposedly looked over the fence and said something like, "Hey George, you need to poke some holes in that thing so the fire can get some air!" I would love it if that were really true:redmastertouch:. I also wonder what George would say about the SmokeFire?!!!!