Hands free kitchen faucet.


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I've been meaning to get one for awhile since I seen my BIL's one.
Prices can be pretty steep and while doing research M'lady found a Flow.
Pretty good reviews and the price was great!. I installed it last week and couldn't be happier. It works as advertised and no more turning the faucet on with greasy dirty hands.
Anyone else have HF , pros, cons, tips?

Dan Leighton

I had been looking at HF before the Covid. That was before the wife went even more 50's kitchen with a Dishmaster faucet. We have a RO faucet which our cats hang around by even though they have two fountains filled with RO water. HF isn't happening at our house! I have a HF soap dispenser which they haven't bothered with.


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No cats and it does have a 2 minute auto shut off.
I think most of them work the same, so the handle has to be pulled out for pressure and rotated to temp.
The sensor only works if the handle (valve) is open.
Once I'm done I always manually turn it off.


I guess I don't get the point LOL

Same here. My in-laws have one and I find it annoying to use. My current kitchen faucet is so easy to turn on/off that I don't see the value of hands free. To turn it on, I just use the back of a finger.


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when I get my hands dirty all of them are not just the finger tips lol, if your hands are dirty you touch the facet with a arm nose ect , I like the concept but after talking to several folks that have them they can be problematic, a lot of complaints on battery life , I paid $130 some odd for my current 1 but I don't think it cant be rebuilt as it has ceramic disc's in it and is a tall pull out to spray non electric.


It's one of those things that takes a few days of use to get used to. Then once you do, it ruins you for using any kitchen sink faucet anywhere else that isn't HF. Lol.

Erik Tracy

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We had one of those counter top hands free soap dispensers - thing was a mess. Don't know why, but when the batteries got low, it would start to ooze out all of the soap onto the counter top.

I prefer all of my kitchen appliances to be simple and 'dumb'.

Brad Olson

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I don't have a sensor faucet but I bought this paper towel dispenser at a time when it was available directly from Amazon at a more-affordable price. I LOVE it during times when I'm prepping food. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008HDRF9G/?tag=tvwb-20

Does Shelly know about your other family?

When my older daughter was born many years ago the "birthing suite" had a sink with a foot-operated faucet, and I've wanted one ever since. But only if somebody else wants to pay for it.

J Grotz

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We’ve had a Delta HF for ten years or so. When the HF module failed last year, we hated using it as a regular faucet (on Delta you can take the HF module on and off). So I ordered the new parts. Only the most recent cat has figured it out. He does turn it on from time to time; at least a third of the time he’s kind enough to turn it off. Newer models are touch free, so unless the cat is in the sink...

Jim Lampe

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don't have one, yet...
kinda like the motion-activated lights...
i installed a sensor in the bathroom because she never knew how to turn off the lights after leaving.

turning it on is no problem for her, but to turn it off???


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I saw a commercial the other day for an Alexa enabled faucet. The entire thing was: "Alexa, pour 18oz of water", "Alexa, give me 1 and 2/3 cups of water". My first thought was you'd have to go to the sink/faucet to place a container to catch your requested water. At that point, why not just turn it on and measure yourself?

Peter Gallagher

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we have one of those faucets, and I'm not big fan - there's several annoying traits:
  • top on the list is, they don't handle steam well. For example, when you strain noodles its sets on and off.
  • I feel regardless of were it is in its cycle, you should be able to use the handle to turn it on or off - but thats not the case - at least with ours.
to me, it was a mistake. My wife sort of likes it . It is sort of entertaining to watch guests try to figure it out.