Genesis Redhead 1100 "Diamondplate Edition" Restoration

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I guess I was out using my grill :) It's prime time grilling season in AZ right now - in July not so much. I'll try to get some pics to show how the various decals and such have held up since I completed my restoration. Most of the things I tried have held up, a few haven't.
More to come soon,
Hey Joel you must be down in Phoenix area because in my part of AZ in sure ain't prime grilling time up here, now July will be prime grilling time for us. Been in Phoenix and Glendale to pick up some restoration grills in August and it was so hot I think charcoal would self light if left in the sun.:p

Jon Tofte

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Great to hear from you Joel! Very interested to see your findings. I used your templates you generously shared to HSBR my printer make some on vinyl decal paper. So far so good on my grills.

Nathan Black

New member
Hi guys amazing info on this thread. Thanks. Any chance I could get the PDF file of the serial number decal so I can modify and add the details of my genesis 1000? I know a jpeg was posted but after a higher resolution to actual size. Thanks in advance 👍