Fun: Where is your stock WSM waterpan?

Erik Tracy

TVWBB Super Fan
When I got my WSM back in 2015, I got the Brinkman bowl as an 'upgrade' over the stock waterpan.

But, I did keep it - it's a handy cover for my backup propane tank ;)

You still got your stock pan around?

KE Quist

TVWBB Super Fan
I still use my stock pan in the WSM, but boy-howdy does it take up a lot of room. Probably going to replace it sooner rather than later.


TVWBB Gold Member
Sitting over the top vent of my propane smoker! Very rarely use it. I did use it a month ago for a rib cook.

See that bump of snow on top of the smoker? That's where it usually is.


Erik Tracy

TVWBB Super Fan
With the recent threads of folks looking for alternate sources for waterpans, I would've thought there would be more unused stock ones.

Maybe it's not as popular a thing to do as it would seem.

Carry on.... (y)