First rack of ribs on the Ranch Kettle!


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Trimmed a rack of spares and rubbed them down with Bad Byron's Butt Rub. On the Ranch Kettle with some apple wood for smoke. Used only 2 chunks, put them on one at a time. Lit an almost full chimney of lit, and temps held around 300-325°for about the first hour and a half. Then I added another dozen or so briquettes. Ribs looked good at around 2.5hrs. Put some sauce on and another 15mins. No foil. Could of been a little bit more tender, but still very good. I had a beautiful thin blue coming out of it the whole time!

Thanks for looking! See you next cook!

Luke P

TVWBB All-Star
Those look great. I'm loving all the "hot" and fast ribs recently. I usually take 5-6 to do mine cause I don't do ribs often so I make a day of it. I think I might if I knocked them out in 2-3 hours.

Rich Dahl

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Good grief those ribs look lonely on that monster. Bet you could get three or four racks on that easily. Good looking rack of ribs there Six.

John Sp

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Those look great. I too will give the high heat a try as soon as I can afford a rack of ribs...



Clay Neubauer

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Geez, you had enough real estate left there for something like a major-league baseball stadium, or a regional airport. I'm going to own one of those Ranches. I'd eet the ribs you cooked, too.