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Hi All,

I have a 22” Performer. I am a former owner of a 22” WSM and 14” Smokey Joe with the Tamale Pot miniWSM conversion! I have owned a fair number of Webers and love them all.

My son is a Sophmore at Auburn. He lives in an apartment with two of his friends. When it comes to cooking, he is as lost as a ball in high weeds. I’m going to see him this weekend and am going to set him up with his first kettle. My plan - buy a 22” premium kettle, a set of Weber tongs, a bag of Kingsford, some meat and then do a cookout with his roommates and friends so they break it in right.

What else would you put on the ‘basics’ list? I thought about a charcoal chimney but that may be too sophisticated for these knuckleheads. What am I forgetting?


PS: I thought about going gas grill for ease of use but I just couldn’t do it. These boys need to learn to cook with fire.

W Tyler

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Add the following:

1. Chimney starter
2. Set of lighting cubes (or tumbleweed starters or similar)
3. Small propane lighter


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This may sound crude but you're seeking input. If I were in your shoes I would not ignore the feedback given by @Randy. Next, why do they need to cook with fire? If your Son doesn't know how to cook then the heat source is not the first objective. Did he seek knowledge from you while outside at your Weber cookers? If not, should this be the first step?


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Def need to make sure he can have/use a grill, any kind of grill where he lives. That being said, if he can use a charcoal grill there, definitely get him a chimney. Need to start him off right. No lighter fluid. No match light etc.
‘To Mr. Flecther’s point, if his style leans more to a different style/fuel source, get them “fired up” about grilling first and then hit them with the finesse part.

John - au4stree

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First, WDE! Second, while at Auburn, they did not allow us to have open flames on our balconies. George Foreman’s as close as we could afford if we wanted it “grilled”. That said, buy it like you listed but def need a chimney.

Like was said above, if it isn’t allowed you got yourself a cooker.

Michael Richards

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I feel like I am just repeating what these guys said but
1. The Weber standard Chimney, it is the perfect size to give the right amount for a 22 in Kettle cook. I started with the Kingsford Chimney and it was smaller and just did not work as well.
2. Starter cubes or tubleweeds

3. A pair of welding gloves or bbq gloves. Get him wearing them now when handling the hot coals/chimney. And get him so protection while learning to play with fire.

If they do not allow charcoal, but do allow gas, go with a Weber Q series!

I think grilling can be your son's way into cooking. Burgers, dogs, brats, bone in chicken pieces were all cheap weekend staples on the charcoal kettle on the front lawn outside our appointment complex in college. We were all just trying to figure it out together and made some good food and some not as good food.

Kyle in Woodstock

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Most apartments don’t allow gas or charcoal grills in Auburn. Electric grills are usually ok.
If he is in one of those stand alone duplex’s or has a rental house with a patio, he should be fine.

Id buy him the chimney and starter cubes. Without those, they’ll probably resort to soaking the coals in lighter fluid to get things going.
Might also want to buy a cheap set of welding gloves like others have mentioned. Maybe a grill scrapper to clean the grate.

Dustin Dorsey

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They weren't allowed at the apartments I lived when I was going to Texas A&M, but we always did it anyway. Back then we'd douse the coals with so much lighter fluid we were a danger to ourselves and others.

Michael Richards

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Mission accomplished. We confirmed grill are allowed at the apartment, I got a good deal on an Auburn Blue Mastertouch at the local Ace Hardware. They cooked pork chops tonight. About 10 or 12 kids came over. Thanks everyone for the advice.
Thanks for the update, I was wondering how it went.


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And the pork chops were...edible?

Yes, they were a little more done than I would have preferred but not too bad for a first try. They made mustard based bbq sauce and cooked them indirect for about an hour, then grilled to finish. They disappeared quickly. I tried to show them the basics of indirect cooking. I got a couple of pics. They did hamburgers, grilled asparagus and grilled pineapple tonight. Good stuff.


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