Easter Brisket and Sausage


Dustin Dorsey

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I cooked some brisket and sausage for Easter this year.

Trimmed Top has a scalp on the fat cap thanks to the meat packers.

Seasoned with Franklin rubs.


Fired up!

Franklin smoker doing work!

4th Slice.

With some homemade lockhart style sausage.

Some homemade Jalapeno Cheese sausage. Flat isn't looking too shabby either.


Fatty with some slices of lean.
That looks stellar, Dustin! From the looks of it, that was a very well marbled brisket you had there. As always, your sausages look fantastic!

Very nice! What type of wood did you go with & how long did the brisket take to be done.
Mostly pecan wood, but there was some oak in there. I'm trying to finish off my woodpile. I'm probably going to go all post oak next time I buy wood which should be soon. The brisket took about 11 hours. I mostly ran around 250 but bumped it up in the stall and up to about 285 after the wrap. I wrapped really late at around 185 in butcher paper and pulled it off close to 200 internal.