Curb Alert !!!

Pliers, hammer and 7/16" combo wrench. I can probably fix the F35 with that tool kit if that needs any tuning up as well.
Now Look, we need to adapt, overcome, and get a network of “mules”! Say, one shows up here, (Okay, maybe not) I’d haul the thing 100-150 miles and transfer to someone that would be honorable enough to take the next leg. Why not? I’d be happy to meet some that knew the password somewhere within a reasonable distance! We are all in the same version of the Titanic and appear happy to “sink or grill” together!
Neighbor just hauled a basket case junker Char BroI’ll to the curb for haul away but didn’t realize that the tank would not let the hauler pick it up. i walked o er and made sure he had not use for the tank and took it off! I’ll swap it out or refill when I “need“ to refill another one.
I use them more for heater than grill so, with 5 “spares” I can help out buddies when they need one!