Chicken hot fast

Barb D

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That is some fantastic looking chicken. Love the color and I'm sure it was mighty taste.

Mike Shook

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I tried Chris's Hot & Fast Chicken recipe last weekend. Let me testify before the congregation -- this was an amazing pair of birds! Not only were they beautiful and EASY, they were moist beyond belief. In fact, due to circumstances (my dad and his wife have memory issues and they forgot they were supposed to come to dinner) these birds had to be reheated in the oven -- twice. And even so, they were tasty and juicy and well cooked. And the skin was actually edible, unlike many a smoked bird in my recipe portfolio. And because it is such a quick cook, I can even do this after I get home from work and eat a reasonable hour.

Thanks, Chris. You made me look good!
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Timothy F. Lewis

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I must admit, I’ve been a little shy when it comes to doing this project but, doggone it! I’m going to do this as soon as the temperature “changes” enough, not too worried about wind, I have a “spare” outdoor table which might serve pretty well as a windscreen, enough space between slats for some airflow but, the experiment is still pending.
Thanks Mike for bringing this one back to the forefront!