Brats in Secret Stadium Sauce


Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
on a beautiful unspring-like day inside the PV....


we got some "tailgater" brats ready with Secret Stadium Sauce...


first we brown them...


...while they're on the grill, onions and peppers are cut up and tossed into a throw-away foil pan
with a bottle of Secret Stadium Sauce and 'bout a half bottle of beer.


once the brats are coloured up nicely, toss those into the Secret Stadium Sauce mixture


let that sit a spell and cook. Good time to get another beer.


...and now is another good time to get another beer...


and while that was brewin', liz whipped up some calico beans...
got some fresh brat rolls sliced, flipped on a few slices of cheddar and away we go!


Secret Stadium Sauce is ☆★☆★☆EXCELLENT☆★☆★☆ find some and try it for yourself!
.....................................(also GREAT with chicken!)

Tomorrow, we may have Sciurus carolinensis for dinner....


Thanks for stoppin' by!
So long!

Paul Kastner

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Found the sauce on Amazon. So I guess you use that amazon thing on here and you get the sauce and TVWB gets a token.
Nice looking brat tub.

Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Killer brats and beans Jim!
The Easter bunny sent me a bottle of Secret Stadium Sauce, and I have since purchased some brats.
Guess what I'm making soon?!

Can't wait to see your tree rat cook!!

Matt Heebner

That is effin UGLY.....the day I mean ! :eek:
The brats however look great. Makes me hungry just lookin at 'em. My kids to this day make me buy Secret Stadium Sauce ( I think its okay) but I will definitly be grillin some brats and italians this crummy weather weekend.

Gene Brownson

TVWBB All-Star
I love me some brats. Mrs. Kitty Robertson has a good recipe for Mr Bushy Tail from what I hear, :) and his grey matter :) happy, happy, happy.

I'm going to find me some secret stadium sauce. There's a place around here called Polock Johnny's. He sell's his own style of brats and you can buy his sauce also, I wonder if they're close in flavor? I'll be finding out.....soon. ;)

Great cook Jim!!