Beef & Beans



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Freezer diving turned up a forgotten Tri-Tip.

Rubbed with Oakridge Santa Maria and Carne Crosta.


Cooked over a bed of RO lump and red oak using the Caliente grill attachment on top of a Weber Performer. Pulled with an internal temp of 130*.


While the roast was resting, made a batch of bacon/poblano/pinquito beans.


Tri-Tip on top of a chimichurri board dressing.


Plated with the beans and some garlic bread. Time To Eat!!!


Am still learning how to cook with this setup: for the most part, it's a direct cook and the lid is not used.
The temps are not controlled with the vents - it's done by adjusting the distance of the bottom coal grate to the cooking grate.
Maybe a snake would work for low and slow and using the vents/lid. Need to check that out.
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Bob H.

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This one scared me when I saw the 3rd photo, a pan full of beans, and thought, no, he's not really going to mix that tri tip in with the beans.......
It all looks delicious!


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Tasty Looking meal! I was freezer diving last night and found a tri tip too! It will be a meal sometime this week.

Neal Slaton

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Looks great, I also make chimichurri when I do Tri-Tip. It's hard to find in Chicago, but I found a store that generally has it. I follow Chris's recipe on the site and it turns out great every time!


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Killer TT Robert. Never thought to serve it up with beans, will have to rethink that

Cliff Bartlett

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Great looking combo Robert! Tri Tip looks delicious, but those that Pinquito Bean Relish really caught my eye. Will be trying that...soon. Thanks for the recipe!