Apple smoked Honey Garlic Turkey breast


Michael C.

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I bought a few turkey breast on sale from Target last month, thaw one of them out to smoke this weekend. A fast moving storm moved into our area, dumped a several inches on Friday, but by Saturday morning, the stormed moved out, with some gusty winds, I used my wind break for this cook. I really like the Weber Honey Garlic rub, it tastes great on just about anything, it's my go to rub for now. I used apple wood chunks for smoke, and it took roughly 1hr 40 min to get the breast to 165F, rested under foil while the garlic rolls from Wally World heated up. It was a very tasty dinner!!!! Here are the pics.

you can ski on my street.

Turkey rubbed with great tasting honey garlic rub.

On the grill.

Smells great!!!!

Turkey is done!!!!!

right side carved!

Now the left side.

Grab a roll!

Thanks for looking! :)
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Great looking Turkey there Michael, going to see if I can find that rub and give it a try as I like the Weber's dry rubs, never tried the wet ones.
If you want to know where that windy wet fast moving storm went last night, it went here.
Raddy our 12 year old oldie goldie loves to sleep in the snow. It's 6am and 29 outside and she fast asleep.
She is a house dog and sleeps inside at night, but just loves the snow.
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Like the street picture and the simple wind block you made, but the best part is the bird, nicely done.
Wow Michael you killed that cook, it looks amazing. Love the street shot. Crestline looks like a wonderful place to live. Gonna give that Honey Garlic Rub a try
Thanks everybody, yes the bird was super moist and tender. I could only find the Weber rub at Sam's club around here, much cheaper then trying to buy at Amazon. With El Nino, looks like we will be getting more snow this winter, more snow is forecast for this weekend.
Wow, that's a great looking breast! Nice cook! We woke up to snow again this morning, now its raining. Sloppy mess!