304 Stainless Steel Charcoal Baskets Heavy Duty Premium

Chris Allingham

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PLEASE READ: 11/21/2019 - The high quality charcoal baskets discussed in this thread are no longer available. Although the item is still shown on Amazon at the link listed below, the product shipped is not of the same quality as described in the product description. Until something changes, I can no longer recommend that your purchase this product.

It's unclear to me whether our friend David has any connection to this product anymore; in fact, I don't think ANY of his product links in this thread are valid links to his original line of stainless steel grates and charcoal baskets, although the links now point to other similar products. I have reached out to him for comment and will let you know what, if anything, I find out.


PLEASE READ: 11/25/2019 - I got this response from David:

"I have learned that selling on Amazon is a nightmare. I am not selling any grates or baskets anymore and haven't for at least 8 months. The listings for the grates and the baskets have gotten hijacked by people selling crap. I have tried to close and delete the listings but Amazon will not let me. It turns out that once a listing is created then it belongs to Amazon. Sellers have absolutely no rights or control over the listings. I have spent hours on the phone with Amazon to try to kill the product listing but they do not care.

"I am very sorry that people are getting scammed. I wish I knew how to make it stop. Please relay my most sincere apologies."

As a result, I cannot in good conscience leave the links active; I've deleted them from this post.



Hey everybody,

TVWBB member David Somerville has come up with a new product that you should check-out...he's built a better set of Weber kettle charcoal baskets than Weber makes! Here's some info that he sent to me recently and a link to purchase at Amazon:



Around December I bought another set of Weber charcoal baskets after the set I had rusted through in a single grilling season.

I was aggravated that Weber’s aluminum plated steel charcoal baskets were essentially designed to be a disposable accessory.

I decided that instead of complaining that I would do something about it.

I tracked down the factory that makes the baskets and asked them if they would make me the same baskets but with two changes.

  1. Make the baskets TWICE as thick as the current product.
  2. Make the baskets from 304 Stainless Steel.
The factory made the charcoal baskets for me and they are beautiful.

Here is a side by side comparison of the custom basket with the Weber basket. The stainless basket is on the left. If you look at the metal tab that completes the assembly you can really see the difference.

I can’t tell you for certain how long these baskets will last but I am guessing at LEAST five years.

There was a catch……

In order for the factory to work with me I had to place an order for 500 sets of charcoal baskets.

I really don’t need that many for myself!

If you think these baskets might look pretty sitting in your kettle then you can pick some up at Amazon. They are priced at $29 a set.
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WB Zipf

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Chris, did you get a couple? I am thinking these might go well with my WSCG. The only question I have is that it looks like these are slightly redesigned. Do these hold the same amount of charcoal as the originals?


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I saw these on Amazan a few days ago and added to my list. They look very nice. I was happy to see a stainless steel version that will last a lot longer! Thanks!!

Chris Allingham

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Chris, did you get a couple? I am thinking these might go well with my WSCG. The only question I have is that it looks like these are slightly redesigned. Do these hold the same amount of charcoal as the originals?
No, I've not had a chance to try these yet...they just came on the market...and I have two sets of brand new, unused charcoal baskets, so I'm set for a while. :)


Wow, seems like a very fair price for stainless steel! Any chance a larger one can be made for the 26" kettle?

Rolf Jacobsen

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Mine arrived today and I'm impressed. No sharp edges, nice fit, very heavy when compared to Weber's and almost too pretty to use. :)
I just wanted to say "Thank You!" to everyone who took a look at the baskets and an even bigger "Thank You!!!" to those that have purchased.

Jim, Rolf....I am delighted that you like the look and feel of the baskets. They really are almost too pretty to use. I know that sounds silly but hey...I am just a guy that loves grill parts :)

A massive THANK YOU to Chris for sharing the information.
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Jim Lampe

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dudes... after one use (with a dome temp of 450ºF)

these kick major HighKnee!
Thanks Chris!
Thanks David!

Timothy F. Lewis

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There is precious little to not like about them! The nice first bloom on yours Jim, is just so darned pretty, I will be ordering when we get back from vacation.