2021 Weber Discover What's New

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Weber: Discover What's New For 2021

This appears to be a dealer brochure, since it includes MAP prices. (Minimum Advertised Price is not a customer-facing term.)

New products for 2021 include:
  • Four new Smart Grills (1 Spirit, 3 Genesis) featuring a built-in digital tech package for real-time food temp and readiness countdowns on the grill or your smartphone, alerts, and Alexa integration.
  • The all-new Weber Traveler portable LP grill: a low-profile gas grill with integrated cart that fit easily in a car trunk for on-the-go grilling.
  • Summit Kamado E6 (formerly the Summit Charcoal Grill) and Summit Kamado S6 (formerly the Summit Charcoal Grilling Center). Some features have been removed and prices reduced $500 and $300 respectively
  • New accessories for SmokeFire, new GBS (Gourmet BBQ System) components, and Weber Connect.
Thank you to TVWBB member Oleg Karpu for finding this PDF online and sharing the link on the forum.

It's interesting to note that Weber used to sell a grill called "The Traveler", model JBK-300, shown on page 4 of the 1963 Weber Product Catalog. "A campers delight with detachable aluminum legs for easy storage." Yours for only $29.95.

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