1. C

    Weber Part# 70888

    We have had the Weber Summit S-660 (propane) grill since 2020 and were (randomly) sent Part #70888 (latch with spring for rotisserie)... We didn't request this part and aren't having any issues with the grill, so we are stumped as we have NO IDEA what this part is for / where it is supposed to...
  2. C

    WTB Summit Kamado S6 in Southern California

    I’m looking to upgrade from my trusty Performer with charcoal ignition. Just want something a little bigger and nicer to complement my Genesis S435. Willing to pickup Anywhere in the LA / IE metro area.
  3. S

    1998 Weber summit 425 project - new member

    Picked up an old weber from a neighbour for free. Already have it completely taken apart, should be a fun project. Pros: grills (newish), flavoriser bars and burners all in good or decent shape and awesome looking bbq with sideburner. Hoses also were replaced at some point. Cons: needs...
  4. N

    Hinged Diffuser for Summit E6?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase the OG hinged diffuser plate from the "1st gen" Weber Summit? I'm looking to get an E6 Summit soon and have read that one of the advantages of the OG 2016 model was the plate was hinged whereas now it's no longer hinged. That allowed you to easily...
  5. Kevin-PastaMan

    question on late '90s Summit 450 LP restoration: what's the orange sealant on the lower aluminum sides for?

    Hi, I'm new to the board as I've started restoring my '98 (I think?) Summit 450 LP grill. First, I'd like to thank you all for curating such a wealth of info! I've used the site many times to find parts I'm looking for, and also to confirm some parts (plastic rocker switch) are no longer...
  6. Grant Cunningham

    Summit Kamado E6/S6 owners: what do you wish you'd been told when you got yours?

    Well, my E6 has arrived! I've got it assembled and, as I write this, is currently undergoing the "burn in". Coming from a Kettle, I know I've got some things to learn. I've already read about the heat control being the "opposite" of a Kettle (top vs bottom vents), but what other things am I...
  7. T

    New (to me) Summit Grill, please help identify

    The label is almost completely unreadable, can anyone help me ID this Weber Summit grill? I’m new here, so please go easy on me :) T
  8. T

    New Weber Summit Kamado E6 - Lid misaligned

    Hello everyone. I received yesterday my brand new Weber Summit Kamado E6. I assembled it all without issues but in the end I noticed that my lid does not sit aligned with the bowl. If I look from the underside, I can see that the lid is a few mm to the left side but the thermometer, front handle...
  9. T

    Summit Platinum D6-In Search of LH Swing-up Table Assembly

    Hello everybody. I have a 2006 Summit Platinum D6 and need a Left-Hand Swing-Up Table Assembly (part #87495). Weber has discontinued making this item and I need your help. Thank you in advance!
  10. M

    Summit 470 Knobs needed after Melt from MN Wind and Genesis 5000 Bolt Question

    Two questions: I was at a friends place Saturday, he was grilling on a SS Summit 470 with a Sear Element (didn't use), very impressive. There was a good wind blowing off the lake and while grilling unattended, the knobs melted off due to some kind of draft action. Does anyone have any...
  11. J

    Has anyone modded/upgraded Summit 400/600 series casters/wheels?

    I have a Summit 670 from 2012. I'd like to put upgraded casters or wheels on the grill so I can more easily move it around my patio. Has anyone taken this project on? If so please let me know what parts you used and how the project went. Pictures would be great too. If this has been...
  12. I

    Summit Burner swap to Genesis

    Does anybody know if the side burner off of a Summit Gold B6 would fit and function if swapped on one of the Genesis I-V models? If so, is it relatively easy to do and what would be required as far as parts and work/process goes? For example: This Burner: On this type of Genesis:
  13. B

    79165 LP Manifold for my Summit S470 Grill

    WTB Summit S470 LP manifold needed. Also need cooking Grates and flavoring bars.
  14. C

    FS-Weber Summit E-670 Black LP Gas Grill

    SOLD: FS-Weber Summit E-670 Black LP Gas Grill Thanks everyone... I have a 3 yr old Weber Summit E-670 Black LP Gas Grill. I am switching to NG from propane and will be selling it. ABT and Home Depot carry this grill for $2,499, new. I am selling this one for $1,200 OBO. Let me know if you are...
  15. W

    Any Summit X-X70 owners here?

    I am in researching a new gas grill purchase. After considering the current Genesis and comparing other features, and also considering waiting on the new Genesis IIs coming out in the spring, we have decided on a Summit S-4....something. I prefer the stainless model and we only need a four...
  16. M

    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill - Saturday in southern Illinois

    My apologies if this isn't the right area for this, but I just got word that Weber will have a Summit Charcoal Grill on display at Murdale True Value in Carbondale this Saturday. This is the first time I've heard of one being anywhere outside of a metro area and wanted to give a heads-up. I'm...
  17. S

    FS: BNIB Summit S-460 Propane $800 BELOW RETAIL!!

    Brand new Summit S-460 propane, full Weber warranty. Never taken out of box. Built-in model but can use as freestanding as well. Retails @ 2100 + tax. Selling for $1300 US - pick up in Oakville, Ontario Canada or add $100 pick up in Niagara Falls, NY. Happy to accommodate if you want to arrange...
  18. R

    Picked up my first resto. 2004 summit silver b

    So I got the sweet gem yesterday. 2004 summit silver b. I will post pictures during the restore process. I saw this awesome forum and Hoping for some tips on deep cleaning the grill. The grill itself seems to be in decent shape. I myself like the look of a shiny firebox. Nothing other than...
  19. P

    Should I buy a used Summit?

    This used summit on CL caught my eye. The posting is asking for $225 but I think I can talk him down to $150. It is missing the gas line, and I will need some work. I have never repaired a grill, but have followed the treads. I hope to see it in person today, and will definitely look over the...
  20. B

    Summit E-670 Running Hot

    I bought a Summit E-670 about three months ago and I still have not figured out how to get a low temperature out of it to grill something longer than a few minutes. No matter where I put the knobs (low, med, or high) the grill gets up to about 700 degrees in just over 5 minutes. I figured...