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Thread: Countdown to Thanksgiving Tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy F. Lewis View Post

    I just looked at the first countdown point, I treat all my friends and family to new menu items and/or recipe techniques, like I said to someone on a different thread, “No guts, No glory!”
    I have found that I tend to go out on a limb more when it’s just close friends that have learned the “Tim said five, that means cocktails for an hold it and a half before we eat.” rule around my house.
    It’s always fun, my buddies are pretty interested in the methodology I employ and no one goes home hungry!
    Well, more power to ya! But 99 out of 100 folks are looking for less stress on Thanksgiving Day, not more. Doing a practice turkey on the WSM if you've never done one before continues to be my #1 piece of advice and I'm sticking to it.

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    True enough, there’s enough stress!
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