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    1.5 bags of charcoal for two butts?

    last one was about 70 degrees outside. cooking around 225-235, water in pan, vents about 1/2 way open all around.
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    Pulled Pork for 230 people how many butts?

    If they dont know BBQ, a lot of them will think it's "burned".
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    temp control

    I didn't think lump was good for the I mistaken on that?
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    water, sand or nothing?

    What do you guys use? I have been using water, but am seriously considering switching to sand for my next cook. Does sand help hold the heat better? What say you?
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    1.5 bags of charcoal for two butts?

    My 22.5 WSM is using a LOT of fuel. The last few times I have cooked, I have had to add a half bag of charcoal to finish the cook. I usually had to add those around the 10-11 hour mark. Is this normal? I start it with the minion method, using a can in the middle of the coals which were poured...
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    water, sand, or confused.

    Ill try that, Glenn, and no I didn't use anything in my UDS. It was straight heat from the fuel basket with no diffuser. to me about the clay saucer. what are the benefits/cons? Im interested. How much are these?Where to find them, etc?
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    water, sand, or confused.

    well, it is definitely NOT airtight. It would be if I could get the derned door to fit rig, but thats for another post. I have a problem with having to add fuel to a longer cook at around the 10-11 hour mark. Im wondering if it is because of using water in my pan? Any ideas on this? 14 hour cook...
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    water, sand, or confused.

    been using water in my pan, but have read about people using sand and even nothing at all. can someone explain to me in plain English what the pan does and what i should use in it?
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    What time should I put the Boston Butt on?

    usually, the fat cap will pull away fromnthe butt when you remove it from the WSM...this is called the "cooks reward". That thin layer of meat covered in bark...OMG, there is nothing finer in this world!
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    Success on the first try!!!!

    UH-OH...he hit that slippery slope already. God help him!
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    I think I messed to clean the bowl?

    What a ***** to clean this thing! The crud was cooked on and it was pretty nasty. Took me a few hours to get it scraped off. Needless to say, I foiled it and wont make that mistake again!
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    Can't get hot enough

    Keith, are you using the water pan filled with water? That will keep your temps down. Use sand or nothing at all or dont even put the water pan in it. If you choose not to use anything or not put the water pan in it, you will have to watch your temps pretty close.
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    What time should I put the Boston Butt on?

    When you said "after trimming" did you mean that you trimmed the fat off before putting it one the WSM? If so, and you thought they were good that way, leave the fat ON next time and you will pee your pants at how good they will be. The fat will render itself off of the butt but will leave an...
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    I think I messed to clean the bowl?

    OK, guys, Im going home tomorrow from my honeymoon in NOLA and I have a job to do with the WSM. Let me explain - Last week after I cooked for the wedding party, I didn't have time to let the WSM cool down and then clean it before i left for NOLA, so I just covered it up and left it. I saw the...
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    uh-oh...gotta cook for about 30 people...

    Oh, someone else IS cooking our wedding dinner...this is the party that my wife wants to have tonight with her friends and family before the party tomorrow night after the wedding...LOL. Two reasons I have to cook for this one - 1. SHE bought me the WSM 2. She said I had to. LOL