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  1. Q&A with Jamie Purviance, May 2-6, 2016
  2. Win An Autographed Book!
  3. Initial impressions of Summit Charcoal Grilling Center
  4. Reverse Sear vs. Sear & Slide
  5. Q&A with Jamie Purviance is now open!
  6. If you were going to cook something other than bird on the Rotiss - What & Why?
  7. WSM, water in the bowl or something else?
  8. My New Weber Grill
  9. 26" Performer
  10. Hello fellow Northern kalifornian
  11. just a comment
  12. Marinade or seasonings for chuck eye steaks
  13. Adding charcoal during long cooks
  14. Favorite smoke wood
  15. Lump Or Briquettes?
  16. What is your go to or favorite meal?
  17. What's your favorite?
  18. Cooking for a crowd
  19. What's The Best Way To Cook Several Racks Of Ribs?
  20. Skills
  21. Go-to Rib Temp/Cooker?
  22. performer renovation/rebuild?
  23. Love the Big Book of Burgers. What's your current go to Burger Recipe?
  24. Huge fan of the 14.5 WSM, are you?
  25. Welcome, Mr. Guru of Grilling!
  26. Smoke wood question
  27. Favorite BBQ/Grill
  28. No 2015 cookbook, you broke my heart
  29. Does your book contain side dish recipes?
  30. What's your average cook?
  31. Why the growth in high end charcoal grills and BBQ
  32. Jamie's preferred method for grilled pizza?
  33. WSM cooking...........
  34. Weber tv
  35. Closing Q&A to new questions
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