Why the growth in high end charcoal grills and BBQ

Mac Mayhew

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Hi Jamie,

I have enjoyed all of the insight and expertise you have provided many of us over the years in your cookbooks, and appreciate your time here.

A question (or questions) I've wondered about is the why--

Why do you think there has been such as interest in higher end charcoal grills? Weber has just come out with their Summit Charcoal grill and there has been an explosion of kamado cookers, so what has driven this interest?

Another question, and maybe it's related to the first, is why the huge increase in BBQ? It's been around in some form or another for a very long time, but the growth in the last few years has been staggering. To what do you attribute this growth?


Jamie Purviance

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So many reasons. Television is probably the biggest one. Grilling and barbecue shows have definitely inspired more people to cook outside. Plus the Internet has made it so easy to find recipes and watch videos. As a guy who writes cookbooks for a living, that a challenge. I have to compete with Google searches but that's okay. It only take a couple lousy recipes from the web to convince people to buy a book where the recipes have been thoroughly tested. Mine are tested at least three times. I think that as people cook more outside, they want to use the best equipment they can afford. For some that means high-end cookers like the Summit Charcoal.

Kim H.

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It is a natural progression from the desire to have luxury and professional appliances in the home kitchen. The professional kitchen look is all the rage whether one cooks or not. A high end industrial gas stove, a Subzero refrigerator, granite or quartz counter tops. The TV shows that started with cooking in the house have now expanded to cooking outdoors. Once you have the industrial, professional kitchen in your home, the next logical step is to have similar equipment on your deck.