What's your average cook?

Brian Johnson

TVWBB Super Fan
I always wonder what the "average cook" looks like for someone with your skill set and reputation. How often do you grill and/or smoke something? Daily, weekly? How often is that cooking "not for work" (not developing a new cookbook or test driving a grill for Weber)? How big is your average cook? Do you prepare everything (main dish and sides) on a grill/smoker? How many grills/smokers do you use at a time?

Jamie Purviance

TVWBB Super Fan
Well, let's take tonight as an example. It's just me and son at home. We're going to make Rerverse-Seared New York Steaks with Red Wine Butter Sauce from my new book. Also making Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Gremolata and probably some grilled asparagus. We'll do all that on my new Summit Charcoal Grill because I'm dying to spend some more time on it and my son helped me put it together. The whole the thing will take an hour or so. That's about average for me. I grill just about ever day. Four or five days a week are for "work." The other days are just because it's fun. Usually I cook for my family of 5. I tend to use just one grill at a time. For big parties I pull out the big WSM or the Ranch Kettle and use that alongside a gas grill. Almost everything we eat comes off the grills. Everything but pasta. My kids love pasta so I boil that in the kitchen.