Huge fan of the 14.5 WSM, are you?


TVWBB Super Fan
Hi I'm a big fan of the 14.5 WSM. I also have a 18.5, but cooking on the 14.5 is so easy. what is your favorite size WSM?

Van DeWald

I only have the 14.5, and it's fine for what I use it for. Just my wife and myself now, so really, the 14.5 is perfect size for 2. I only do brisket flats, get smaller ones from Costco, and it fits just fine. Will easily do butts without any problem. And for ribs, I use a rib rack and just cut the racks in half. I'm pleased with the 14.5. I may buy a Jumbo Joe to play around with, but have no plans to buy anything bigger in the WSM line.

Jamie Purviance

TVWBB Super Fan
It's great to know you are like the smallest WSM. To be honest, my favorite is the biggest one. It's fits long racks of spareribs and whole briskets really well and those are favorites to cook.