You know you're getting old when...


Keith H.

Ever hear of custard? :D It's close to pudding, both are heated up just enough to thicken, one on the stove top, one in the oven. The mix & serve boxes, you say? Newcomers to the game. Puddings & custards have been made for decades, if not centuries, by using eggs as a thickener which doesn't take effect until 165 degrees F.

As far as the stuff in a TV dinner..... yeah, all bets are off. I grew up on a farm, with farm cooking. Those things I simply never, ever, got at home.
SWMBO makes wonderful custard.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
Making crème brûlée at home isn’t hard, but, yes you do want to plan ahead for it. I have several sizes of brûlée appropriate vessels. I should make them when I get home from Wisconsin!