Yesterday's Dinner at Dad's



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Skin crackled when I cut into it. And while I was pulling his Genesis out of the garage I heard a very loud noise and a huge crash. Walked to the end of his street and saw this
Young girl not paying attention. Hit what appeared to be 3 or 4 cars, ended up on the light pole. Then my sister calls me and says. "Just saw on the news large crash multiple injuries on corner of Waverly and Arlington Heights Rd. I saw 3 separate ambulances leave this mess

Mike Freel

When I grill I pay attention to the grill to avoid burni g the food and when I drive I pay attention to the road to avoid crashes!! Burnt meat and busted up up vehicles are generally caused by the same lack of attention. But enough of my soap box ranting, nice looking chicken. The older Genesis with the side to side burners is perfect for rotisserie


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Nice looking bird, noting better than rotisserie chicken (imho)
Did you have a drip pan? Looks like not, and it's never fun cleaning up after rotisserie chicken


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Honestly I forgot to use one. So did not realize until nearly the time I needed to pull it. So by then too late. But in all honestly many times I don't use one.


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Thanks! I gotta say we all REALLY enjoyed it. I brought my neighbor from 2 doors away with us as well. He's same age as my dad within 2 weeks of each other. The 2 guys became good friends back when my 2 girls were little tykes. And Fred was sort of their "stand in" grandpa. They even called him grandpa Fred. So when my dad would drive out here (he'd just retired by that time) as had Fred the kids introduced them. And the 2 old guys would talk, play golf and so on. So when we can we have Fred visit at the same time. Also my wife and I help Fred out as well. His sones live down in the deep south so he never really sees them. But he's got me and my wife.
Anyway those 2 old guys packed that bird away :D


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Great looking chicken, people like that young girl kept me gainfully employed for 26 years. I can't say anything bad about it