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My starting word is " ounce " , then my second word is " trail " ......... I can almost always solve with the third word.

I like, and am going to try, this idea.

I usually adapt my second word depending on the results I get from the first. So if ADIEU turns up an A, then I might go ROAST for the second (using the good A but then also checking the frequent ROST letters).

But I could see that the odds might be better if you don't use the A but instead use the second word to get the max letter elimination. So use something like STROP or FROST as the second word and ignore the A for now.

On Wheel of Fortune, the consonants they use are " r, s, t, n, and l " . I try to get all the vowels on those consonants in the first two tries.

And sometimes, its more important to find out what is not in the word, rather than what's there. Its a lot like my bass fishing, I spend time finding out where the fish are NOT, to help me find where they are.
The most commonly used letters of the English language are e, t, a, i, o, n, s, h, and r. Try starting words using them. I have had good luck with their and shine as the th and sh are common at beginning and end of words.
I guess I'm not awake this morning. I made the same mental error twice, and it cost me.

Wordle 265 X/6