Winners: TVWB 25th Anniversary Prize Drawing - 25 ThermoWorks ThermoPops


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Hi everyone,

Here are the 25 winners of a ThermoPop instant-read thermometer, selected by random drawing out of 1071 valid entries, in the TVWB 25th Anniversary Prize Drawing:
  • Tim Allred, WY
  • Enzo Bellavia, NY
  • John Collins, PA
  • Michael DiRubbio, NC
  • Brian Forsythe, IA
  • Andrew Frank, VA
  • Justin Gingerich, IA
  • IM Haq, CA
  • James Hile, IN
  • Jon Keller, NJ
  • Justin Kelley, IL
  • Derek Kiefer, IN
  • Tom Kuper, TX
  • Pete LaMotte, IL
  • Charles Leeder, MN
  • Dan Leighton, NV
  • Kevin Marks, CT
  • David Mikhail, MD
  • Mike Patti, CO
  • Patrick Renegar, AL
  • Chris Tatak, IL
  • Robert Terry, FL
  • Doug Thompson, CA
  • Chris Wells, VA
  • Michael Westervelt, PA
One lucky winner will find a $50 Amazon gift card included with their thermometer, so good luck to each of you and let me know who gets it!

Special thanks to the affiliate team at for generously providing the instant-read thermometers for this prize drawing. I really appreciate their support, so please support ThermoWorks whenever possible.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who entered!

GET OUT! I never win anything, this is great!

When I was a young, single LT in the Air Force, I won a set of steak knives at a church raffle one weekend. A month later there was a raffle to support a woman who got in a car accident with an uninsured motorist and needed help. I won another set of ...

You guessed it, steak knives. lol That's about the extent of my winning anything.

Thanks Chris!