Wings, grill or wsm?



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Oddly, despite all the butts I have smoked and a few briskets and countless steaks, I have never prepared wings on the grill or smoker. I wish to do that Sunday and need some tips. Came back to my favorite site but didn't see much on the subject in the cooking recipe area. There was one called buffalo wings involving 2 hrs on the smoker and then frying. I don't want to fry, so can u tell me if it is better to grill indirect heat with lid temps In The 400 range or low and slow on the wsm?

Again, I have lots of grilling experience but zero w wings so any tips or recipes would be appreciated, incl temps and times. Also interested to know which method is best. Thx
I've done wings on both the kettle and a WSM and I much prefer the WSM for a couple of reasons. Two cooking grates and the wings are further from the fire. I cook them between 350-375° for about 40 minutes. As for recipe I cheat and get them at SAMs club. Willow Booke makes them. Preseasoned with just the right amount of spice. Not like those Tyson ones that are pre sauced and full of sugar.
If you have a Vortex that is the best way to cook them on a kettle. If not I would do high heat indirect on the kettle.

That's just me though. I've only cooked them on the kettle.
Dave I agree with Pat, on the kettle indirect with high heat. I also add wood, the ones in the photos were smoked with orange wood, since you are close to me it should be available. I believe they only took about 40 minutes and have a good crispy skin. then toss with your favorite sauce.

I'm a "Wings on the WSM" kind of guy


David, i see you are in FL, east side, so if the wings are for the football game tonight, well, i'm sure you are done by now. sorry i missed you!

on the other hand, at the slim chance you are ready to start, still up in the air, i am a kettle guy. no question. i bet the others can grill a better wing than i, yet, i will say we can cook some darn good ones! kettle, snake method, 2 briq's wide, stacking 2 layers high and just past half circle. chimney loaded with 12-15 brig's, burnt till well red and piled at the start of the line, half on the line, half off. wings (flippers and drumetts) set indirect and spinning rack as needed to keep away from main point of coal burn. i use a 'firehouse/roadside' sauce, baste or mop as often as possible once they start to cook, and cook until they are or have a crisp skin. both my wife and i like crispy wings! total cook time, 2 hours+. as with most my cooks, slow and lo... again, sorry i missed you, i'm sure you pulled off a great cook and hope you enjoyed them.
Thank u all for the feedback. Was just re checking here bc I wasn't getting post notifications. Getting ready to fire up the performer. Was worried about not getting crispy skin w indirect method but seems skin will crisp just fine. Trying indirect. Thx again.
I like em both ways but usually use the WSM open pit on the middle grate, easy indirect with good rendering with not alot of turning or fear of burning.
I like ChuckO's but man that's some serious wood/fire going on down there.:)
I guess I need to man up more.

This has been a go-to recipe for us for several years. The marinade is the key and if you can let them soak in the fridge for a couple of days, all the better. We use Frank's Red Hot sauce and unsalted butter for the mop sauce. The only change I do is that I crisp the wings over direct heat in a kettle for about the last 5 minutes. I like them with just a little char. You can toss them in the mop sauce after you take them off the grill. They never disappoint.

I cook a lot of wings and do them both ways. Like others when using the WSM take out the water pan for high direct/indirect cooking. Get it hot enough to crisp them up. On grill: go indirect then sauce at end then direct to get them to your crispy liking