Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 16!


Chris Allingham

Staff member
shirt.jpg WSM Smoke Day is perfectly suited to the current state of affairs in our world today. Barbecue something in the safety of your own backyard on May 23--the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend--and share photos online using the hashtag #wsmsmokeday16

2020 marks the 16th year we've celebrated WSM Smoke Day and is the brainchild of TVWBB member Joel Kiess. It's a fun way for us to share our enthusiasm for the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. If you don't own a WSM, you can still join in the fun, just cook on whatever grill or smoker you've got. And if you can't cook on May 23, that's OK, just pick another day around that time that works for you.

But make sure to take photos of your barbecue creations and post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using hashtag #wsmsmokeday16. Better yet, post them here in the forum. Remember, if you don't post photos, it didn't happen!


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Finally got decent weather, I reintroduce myself to a few of my grills in the past few days, lovin it.
I've got a turkey and a pork butt and a brisket and a Tri-Tip in the freezer one of them is going to get smoked.
Looking forward to SD.
Stay Safe

Dustin Dorsey

TVWBB Honor Circle
My wife got free admission in the Sams without a membership for being a nurse and picked me up a prime packer. I've also got a prime point. I'll probaby cook one or the other.

Robert McGee

TVWBB Gold Member
I'm lookin' forward to Smoke Day 2020. That's an excellent excuse to do some REAL BBG on the WSM!

Keep on smokin',
Dale53 :wsm:

Harry Soo

Donna Fong of Butchers Daughter BBQ (Grand Champion of Oakland) challenged me to a Rib Throwdown for the TVWB Smoke Day 2020. We are working out the specifics of how the cook can be done and judged blind (like in blindfolded tasting) which poses challenges since there are only two of us present at the contest in Alameda this Sat May 23 WSM Smoke Day 2020. Maybe we can cook without tasting and therefore will not know how the final products tastes in tenderness and texture while eating blindfolded. If you can figure out the rules to follow, please let us know.
We get to pick a pit each (I may pick the WSM or the SmokeFire EX6 since its my current fav pit) and duel to the death. Please cheer for me Harry Soo SlapYoDaddyBBQ.com. A video of our grudge match will also be on YouTube on my channel Harry Soo shortly after. Of course, my sweetheart claims she cooks better ribs than me.. Hah!
Little does she know I have Mangalitsa pork ribs from mangalitsaestates.com thawing. Muahaha!!!!!
I already cooked the Mangalista Pork brisket which was out of this world in pure pork heaven flavors!


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Have fun and cook up some goodies. (Gee, I hope at least 1 of them cooks up one of my recipes that I posted. lol)