Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 15: May 25, 2019


Chris Allingham

Staff member

Hey everyone,

It's time to kick-off WSM Smoke Day 15, our annual celebration of the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker that's held each year on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, which this year is May 25, 2019.

Actually, the date is not very strict. We know Memorial Day Weekend is a busy time for many of you, so you can pick a day to celebrate WSM Smoke Day that fits your schedule!

We've even flexible on whether you actually own a WSM! I would encourage you to buy a WSM and cook on it May 25, but we welcome everyone to our annual celebration regardless of your pit.

Why do we celebrate the WSM? Well, it was the idea of TVWBB member Joel Kiess. He said we should have a virtual barbecue celebration, everyone cooking in their backyards on their Weber Bullets on a single day, then reporting back here what was cooked, preferably with plenty of photos. We did it for the first time in 2005 and now we're on our 15th year!

Order A Smoke Day T-Shirt!

We've had a commemorative t-shirt every year, and we've got another one for WSM Smoke Day 15 designed by barbecue cartoonist extraordinaire Patrick Carlson of Hot Spot Graphics. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes up to 5X: https://represent.com/15th-annual-wsm-smoke-day-2019-price-reduced

Pin Your Location On The Smoke Day Map

I have activated the Smoke Day Map so you can pin your location indicating your participation in the Big Day.

Use Hashtag #wsmsmokeday

When posting on social media, please use hashtag #wsmsmokeday so I can find all of your great content.

Want To Host A Smoke Day Event?

Are you the social type? Want to host a Smoke Day party? Feel to free to organize your event by posting messages in this forum.


The countdown to WSM Smoke Day 15 has begun! Hope everyone has fun and I can't wait to see how YOU celebrate!

Smoke on!

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Smoke Day 2019 in Raymond Wisconsin will be held on Saturday July 20th
as always, all TVWBB members are invited
if you would like to attend, please message me for directions
a final headcount will be taken on July 12th.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Just pinned on the map! Not sure what will really happen but, maybe some friends for a big “Bog Fest”! Fire up several grills direct and indirect, the WSM chugging along tables all over the back yard food everywhere! Sounds like a ton of fun to me. Wife probably won’t much care for it but, now and then, I need some reason to raise the roof a little!
I’d love to come for a visit to the pig villion, but, I will be loafing my the lovely waters of Lake Huron at my sister in law’s cottage! I get there Thursday and the rest arrive Friday night. Nice invitation Jim, thank you!
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Rich G

TVWBB Emerald Member
I'm on the map! I'm hosting a bring your own meat to grill gathering with a few families. I'll be cooking up Chorizo stuffed mushrooms, Chorizo stuffed pork loin, and some smoked chickens. I've got a neighbor bringing over ribs, another doing "spicy" burgers (he mixes chipotle in adobo into the burger mix pre-shaping), and who knows what else! I'll probably throw a few sausages on the smoker since it will be running anyway.

Have a great Smoke Day, all!!