Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 13: May 27, 2017


Chris Allingham

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Hi everyone,

Wow, how time flies! Another year has passed and Memorial Day Weekend will be here before you know it. So it's time to kickoff WSM Smoke Day 13, which we will officially celebrate on Saturday, May 27, 2017. As always, you can plan your Smoke Day celebration for any day before, during, or after Memorial Day Weekend.

A little background...WSM Smoke Day was the brainchild of TVWBB member Joel Kiess. He suggested the event as a way for WSM owners to share their enthusiasm for the cooker and for cooking barbecue. The idea is simple: use this forum to discuss what you'll be barbecuing on Smoke Day, cook it and photograph it on Smoke Day, then share your photos here for all to see!

  • Some members may be planning local Smoke Day meet-ups. If you'd like to host (or attend) a get-together in your area, post here so we can coordinate between members.
  • "But I don't have a WSM!" you say. The good news is there's plenty of time to order one from Amazon.com before the big day. But if not, don't worry, all brands of smokers are welcome.
  • Pin yourself on the Smoke Day Map to indicate your participation.
Oh, and don't forget to order your WSM Smoke Day 13 t-shirt! It's available in many colors and styles up to 4XL. Stickers, magnets, aprons, mugs, and more are also available. You can also get WSM Smoke Day 13 t-shirts with the logo on the back.

So start planning for WSM Smoke Day 13! I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone celebrates this year! :wsm:


Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
I'm ready to rock this year Chris!
Last year I was knocked down by a new BP medicine.
Hope some of the old timers will drop in to at least say hello.

Matt Mills

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Not sure what my Memorial Day plans are yet but if I can I will take part in my first Smoke Day as a Weber owner!! Still very novice to barbecuing but it's a lot of fun and usually a "bad" cook still tastes really good.

Larry D.

TVWBB Gold Member
I'll be celebrating our 45th anniversary that day, but I'm sure I can find some time to fire up the smoker. :)

Update: I have two racks of baby back ribs in the fridge, and just bought a rack to let me cook them hanging vertically, so this Smoke Day will be either a new experience, or an epic fail. I'll eat the evidence either way.
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I'm definitely planning on participating and ordered my shirt. I've been battling some health issues and some days they have been winning but the smoke must roll on.


Don't think I'll be doing a smoke, as I'm going to be attending the World Super Bike Championship at Donington on that weekend. BUT, I'm packing up the JJ, we're camping & we'll be grilling all weekend. Does that count?
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Chris Allingham

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Don't think I'll be doing a smoke, as I'm going to be attending the World Super Bike Championship at Donington on that weekend. BUT, I'm packing up the JJ, we're camping & we'll be grilling all weekend. Does that count?

I think it counts in spirit! :D

Bob H.

TVWBB Hall of Fame
This year seems like it should be a good one for some back ribs, and maybe a nice smoky meatloaf. The little 14.5 WSM will be smoking away......

Phil Perrin

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Looking forward to the usual suspects being smoked/cooked/eaten this year!!
And, as usual, it'll be on Sunday. That gives people an excuse to NOT go to the race and still let you go to a Memorial day cookout!!

Doug Selman

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I will be a day early cooking for our niece's High School graduation on Fri. the 26th. Will be doing a pork butt for Smokey Chile Verde and a chuckie for shredded beef taco meat.But may have to throw something on, on Saturday also!

Oops, had my dates mixed up, her graduation is next Fri. the 2nd. So I pulled a Costco 10# prime Brisket out of hibernation from the freezer.
It went on the 22 WSM this morning about 7:20 with some Post Oak I just received yesterday from Fruita Wood.
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Justin NE Iowa

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Just joined forum and excited about learning from others using same equipment. Just bought 22.5 wsm earlier this spring. I have two butts to smoke and will do a rack or two of ribs. Still trying to get smoker seasoned well.

Probably 6th time running. Seems to do well and really enjoying it. Have a rib competition end of June and keep trying to perfect it. My wife is starting to hate ribs because we keep having them every weekend. Haha.


New member
I just joined the forum as well! I bought a 18" WSM off of a guy on craiglist list, cleaned her up, and have been smoking every weekend since I bought it to prepare myself for this weekend. So far I have done beer can chicken, ribs, and pork loin - as well as a batch of baked beans.

This weekend I will be doing two pork butts using the Memphis Dust rub and apple wood.