Weber Tiki Torch


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Yah, it seems Weber produced a lot of different and some times strange items years ago. However, the vast majority of them were fairly short lived. They are prized by collectors these days.


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I have managed to find three of them. I take them camping and use them to keep the bugs away (citronella oil). Plus the look great.

Jim Lampe

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Weber birdfeeders and mailboxes??!!
I thought I went through all of those catalogs... don't remember birdfeeders and mailboxes!


Cliff Bartlett

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You guys might be surprised what stuff you'll find if you poke around this forum and its subforums:
I did and I was surprised,

I was grilling on a Mecca square covered grill. Bought my first Weber and this came with it. Still have it and still do several of the recipes within. Kempster Chicken, Potato-Cheese Casserole, Scalloped Potatoes and Ham and Thanksgiving Turkey every year with Pecan Bread Stuffing, just to name a few.


Timothy F. Lewis

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I have my Dad’s original insert cookbook, planning on scanning and laying up a few copies for family, except my brother who has abandoned the Weber in favor of a Traeger (he’s my brother and I love him but, “that boy ain’t right”). I use the concepts laid out in that flyer every time I go indirect! The basics still hold!