We are still doing the same thing...lol


Tony R

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Our favorite and our go to meal if we don’t know what to cook.

Carne asada and Tacos.

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Rich Dahl

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If I had that kind of talent you two have that would be my favorite too. That's more art than food.... well maybe not, if that plate was in front of me I wouldn't look at it to long before I ate it.


Your featured presentation of your favorite and your go to meal is a first class display of your expertise and knowledge in Barbecuing. Tony and Maribel well done! I always enjoy your postings in this forum. Thank's.

Tony R

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Your meals always look great. What is Chelada? Do you mix it?

It’s a beer mix popular here Southern California. Many brands to choose from. 3oz to a 12oz beer. Mix and drink. Usually taken after a night of drinking and need something for the next day. Or to be enjoyed before an evening of fun and libations.

Bill Elwell

Your meals always look great. What is Chelada? Do you mix it?

It's a mix for making Michelada's: beer, tomato juice, and hot sauce in a salt rimmed glass (optional). I had a lot of these in central Mexico a few years back. Basically a Bloody Mary with beer.

John Sp

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I want to frame that first picture and hang it over my grill. Awesome job on that meal!