Vintage 1990 Ducane Southfork Grill, from Dallas TV show eBay $1500


TVWBB Wizard
I was a Dallas junkie and even enjoyed the remake, which mystifies me because I don't traditionally watch shows like that. While I won't place my own bid, I'll be interested in seeing the final price on this.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Honor Circle
Wow, that’s pretty cool. I remember the show but not the grill. Looks like an ultimate 1980s grill. Very nice.


TVWBB Wizard
"Originally I had bought this with the idea that I would use it just to enjoy a decent grill and a healthy dose of nostalgia, but I can't really bring myself to hook up the gas and light it lol."

He might get to stick with his original plan.

Dave in KC

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$1500 sounds flat out obscene to me. Lets talk about what we would really pay.
Auction style - I will start the bidding at $200