Tri Tip


John Solak

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Store had tri tips on sale for $2.99 but you had to buy a large package of them. Have been trying to clean out the freezer but couldn't help myself.

Trimmed them all up, seasoned one with Montreal Steak seasoning and vac packed the other 4.

Cooked the tt to an internal temp of about 115* internal

Gave in quick sear. The pan has Ranch Style Charro beans that were put on the grill indirect the same time the tt was put on.

Made some garlic cheese bread on a French loaf

Great looking TT John. Had leftover TT last night and the wife said she wouldn't mind me making another one today. TT is quick and one of our favorites. What is even better is that you cooked the entire meal the Performer.
Nice cook John, TT is one our favorites too. You sound like me, Barb wants to start emptying the two garage freezers so she will have room for her holiday baking, cookies, breads, etc.. I just keep picking up meat on sale and both are just stuffed. So I've been banned from buying anymore meat until she gets her holiday baking done. It's okay though I'm sure we have enough to last until at least mid December and maybe find some hidden treasures in the process.:rolleyes:
Oh my! Oh my my

Lucky me I found tri tip here. Publix will order it for me at the bargain basement price of $8 per pound
Great looking Tri Tip. Wish I could find a deal like that around here. Used to get them at Costco, but they quit carrying them around here.
Great looking meal! Man I just bought a bulk pack @ $4.35/pound. If I found them at $2.99 my freezer would be full of tri tip!
Have been wanting to try tri-tip for a long time now, but this post may be the push I needed to do it - thanks for sharing, looks absolutely incredible.
I'm coming to dinner John. That TT looks awesome then you add beans and bread, you nailed that one for sure my friend.
superb looking cook. I have tried so many different rubs on TT and the one everyone consistently enjoys the most is MSS. Thanks for the share!