Throwdown #41: Your Favorite Bone-In Meat


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Congratulations to James J for winning Throwdown #40: Grilled Fruit with his "Grilled Pineapple Boat" entry.

It's now time to reveal our next Throwdown topic. James has selected:

Your Favorite Bone-In Meat!

Show us your best entry featuring a bone-in cut of meat. Anything from a tomahawk steak to a chicken wing will fill the bill. Bone-in pork chops, lamb chops, t-bone steaks, chicken pieces, roadkill...anything that lives on land and has a bone in it qualifies for this throwdown!

The throwdown will run until Sunday, August 27 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Remember, don't be intimidated! This isn't a barbecue competition, it's just for fun and friendship! Try it, you'll like it! And make sure to see the simple throwdown rules.

P.S.S. Remember, only 10 photos for each entry! Photo collages (multiple photos grouped into a single file) are OK, but each photo in the collage counts towards the 10 photo limit.
I will go ahead submit an entry into this throwdown.

Lemongrass Pork with Asian Wings and Sides

For the lemongrass pork I used bone in shoulder steaks. I marinated the steaks for 6 hours.

I thought it would be easier to have two cooking surfaces so I broke out the 26er to help out. Notice the light sprinkle of rain, it was like this the whole time I was cooking.

Ingredients for the Asian glazed wings and Thai brussel sprouts salad. I finally had a chance to use my new mandolin slicer. It worked well but those blades demand respect.

The wings went on the Performer with the Vortex.

Over on the 26er I put down a bed of KBB and topped it with some Cowboy lump. This grill is a fuel hog for sure.

I started the brussel sprouts and heated up the sauce for the wings. That is four chunks of ginger simmering in the wing sauce.

Everything is just about ready.

The pork steaks resting.

Plated with some jasmine rice.

Thanks for looking. Who's next.
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Rotisserie Pepper-Crusted Rib Roast

I'm a fool for rotisserie cooks & thought I'd give this a whirl: Rotisserie Pepper-Crusted Rib Roast.

Seasoned a 2 bone Ribeye Roast with cracked black pepper & K salt.
Put it on a spit & into the 18.5 WSM.


Let it spin over 2/3 ring of Stubbs & a mini-split of hickory at 350-375* until it hit an internal temp of 120*:



Pulled, gave it a rest under foil for 20 minutes & outed.


Cut it with kindness.


Ate it with love!!!


Cook loosely based on a Jamie Purviance recipe in Weber's "Smoke"
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Great entries so far, everyone!

There has been an inquiry about whether including a video as part of a throwdown entry is acceptable. A video does not comply with the "only 10 photos for each entry" rule because a video consists of far more than 10 photos. If you've already seen the video attached to one of our entries, please purge it from your mind when considering your favorite entry. I will delete the video link now to void soiling the minds of future visitors to this thread. :D
WOOHOO! My B Day is Aug 27th! I'll play!

It's been a dang dang long time fellas. Heck, I haven't posted in like 7 years! I still check around at times. Trying to get back in the game on these forums.

A little Ribeye cook on my WSCGC. Full up with the LP SNS, DNG, and my FireBoard. Reverse seared of course.





I even got the new FireBoard holder!!

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Hey Lonnie Mac is back. ( Long time no see):cool:
Had to do a double take cause the tomahawk Rib eye looks small on your WSCGC, but not so on your cutting board.
Great Job!

Come on, guys. This throwdown is a no-brainer. Meat with bone. Couldn't be easier. Yet only 3 entries. THREE. Is everyone just grilling hamburgers and hot dogs this month? NO, OF COURSE NOT.

I want to see more entries, and I want to see them by August 27 at 11:59pm PT. If we don't have more participation in these things, I'm not sure what's the point in doing this every month.

Don't make me turn this car around! Submit your entry today!
I think that the changes at Photobucket may be affecting participation & posting of pix on the forum(s). Photobucket was EZ and a lot of people haven't or won't migrate to other photo hosting sites.

I'd sure be nice if there were more than three of us throwing down. Everyone, Saddle Up! The more, the merrier.
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Yep, the Boss has spoken. Summer is almost over so let's get to grillin.
I have a family picnic tomorrow with my SJP and planning on doing just brats and kabobs, but Sunday I'll try to find something bone in and tag along.
Man ( or lady up ) people, lets go!