Throwdown #38: Show Us Some Love!


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Congratulations to Cliff Bartlett for yet another win in Throwdown #37: Meat and Three. Maybe we need to tie one arm behind his back to level the playing field. ;)

It's now time to reveal our next Throwdown topic:

Show Us Some Love!

There's a lot to love about February...the Super Bowl on Feb. 5...Valentine's Day on Feb. 14...Spring Training baseball kicks into high gear at the end of the month...and we get a little more daylight each and every day...gotta love that!

So for this throwdown, show us something grilled or smoked that you REALLY LOVE. It could be the dinner you prepared for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, or something from your Super Bowl festivities, or just a favorite meal that you really love to cook on your grill or smoker. We may end up with everything from burgers to lobsters, but that's OK, it's all good and we're hoping for MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION! Please don't hesitate to share your entry in this throwdown!

Let's run this throwdown until Sunday, March 5 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Remember, don't be intimidated! This isn't a barbecue competition, it's just for fun and friendship! Try it, you'll like it! And make sure to see the simple throwdown rules.

P.S.S. Remember, only 10 photos for each entry! Photo collages (multiple photos grouped into a single file) are OK, but each photo in the collage counts towards the 10 photo limit.
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Smoked meatloaf. Nuff said.  g
I Made It With Love! After all, it was Valentine's Day.

Got a good deal on a CAB 2 1/2" porterhouse for $6.99/lb.
Seasoned with Worcestershire, salt & pepper & into the Performer with some foiled baby potatoes.


Took it to 128* internal temp & then seared it for 3 minutes per side.


While it was resting, grilled some asperagus.


Drizzled the steak with Italian herbs & minced garlic in evoo.


Sliced it for serving.


Time to eat!


Slightly overcooked. Nevertheless... it was delicious.
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For me wings always are made with LOVE!

The way I tuck the tips forma little hearts!









With only three entries, there's a good chance of winning this throwdown if you'll just post photos of something you grilled or smoked that you love! Let's see some more entries!
I'm adding my smoked cheese to the Throwdown #38: Show Us Some Love!
The first time I smoked cheese it was a disaster. I let the smoker get to hot and let it smoke for four hours. Not good at all.
This time I thought I did everything right, but when I took the cheese off the smoker it smelled very VERY strong. I was tempted to call my losses and give it a pitch. I hated to do that, and thought I could save it by cutting the outside away and eating the middle so I bagged it and put it in the fridge. I posted my failure on the forum and was told to be patient, something I've never been, so I was going to forget about it for a few weeks. Well my Son came to town and we cracked open a few beers and started foraging for some snacks. I found some crackers and he pulled out the sharp cheddar and asked what it was. I told him and he immediately opened the bag and pulled it out. He sliced a piece and gave it a sniff. His eyes opened wide and he popped it into his mouth. Before I could say anything he got a big smile on his face and sliced off a piece for me. To my amazement it wasn't nasty at all, it was fantastic. We opened up the mozzarella and had a try of that. It was just as good!! We drank beer and snacked on cheese and crackers well into the night. I think a few shots of tequila snuck in there somehow, but the wives didn't catch us so it must not have happened.:p

Anyhow to make a long story longer I'm glad I posted my failure on the forum, because if I didn't I would have thrown away a lot of great cheese.
I am going to have to make some more next time I'm off, because he took what we didn't eat home with him.


Smoked standing/floating Rib Roast on the WSM. Simple recipe. Garlic, Rosemary and olive oil in the food processor, rub on roast. Add Kosher salt and pepper to your liking.
Onion, baby carrots, celery, creme mushrooms, red wine and some chicken stock for the roast to sit/float on.
Used apple and cherry wood for the smoke. Loved the smoked flavor of the roast and veggies.
Good luck too all, that cheese looks great.



Tomorrow is the last day to enter this throwdown...if you've grilled or smoked anything in the last month that you loved to make or loved to eat, please take a moment to post it might just win!
Okay I’ll jump into the pool here. Barb and I love Tri Tip more than any other cut of beef, even though except for Costco it’s really hard to find here.
I usually just use S&P or SPOG for seasoning, this time I tried a lite coating of Weber’s Chicago Steak Seasoning.
Grilled on the performer with KBB and a fist size chunk of cherry wood for a slight smoke flavoring but mostly to get that mahogany color that cherry gives to meat. Pulled at 125.
Served with cheesy onion potatoes and steamed cauliflower and carrots with a little butter.
Really like the taste the Weber’s seasoning added to the great beefy flavor of a Tri Tip.


My First Canadian bacon & Egg Mc Barb My New Favorite

Smoked my first Canadian bacon on the mini using maple wood. Ready to come off at 130* after cooking for 4 hours at 225* - 250*.


After taking an ice bath it sat overnight in the refrigerator. Then sliced it up and ready for the food saver.


Decided for breakfast to make an Egg Mc Barb with my smoked Canadian bacon, Cheddar cheese on my homemade rolls. Topped it off with some Hollandaise sauce along with a bowl of fruit.


It was delicious and my new favorite breakfast.
Thanks for looking and have a great week.
Good luck to everyone and Great Cooks so far!!!!! For this Throw Down of Love, I decided to do a "Smoked Ribeye Beef Stroganoff" on a Weber Kettle. I started by smoking/grilling 2 Ribeye steaks. I used a chunk of Hickory and Mesquite for flavor.
When they reached an internal of 125º I pulled the to let them rest....

Next I placed 2 TBS Butter, 1 TBS Olive Oil in an iron skillet and sautéed some mushrooms and onions....salt, pepper and garlic to taste!

Once sweated down, I added 2 TBS flour, Beef Broth, Cream and the cubed steak to the mixture and brought back to a simmer....

When reaching another simmer, I pulled and set aside skillet to grill summer squash...

At this time I boiled the noodles and placed the finishing touches of Sour Cream and Sherry to the Stroganoff.....

The final plating.....Thx Everyone!!!!
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How did I miss this thread? I suppose I can find some pictures from my adventures.

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Sausage Meatballs for the Super Bowl -


Jalapeno Poppers for the Super Bowl


Grilled Chicken Halves with Sucklebusters Honey BBQ Glaze when our oven broke

Get out and Vote.... Challenge Pit.

I'm not sure if I can vote being a contestant, but if I could vote.
I think Scoot P, Barb D,and William D are in it to win it.
Get out and Vote.... Challenge Pit.

I'm not sure if I can vote being a contestant, but if I could vote.
I think Scoot P, Barb D,and William D are in it to win it.
you most certainly CAN vote.
this country isn't in the garbage can yet....